It’s an understatement that great customer service is critical for any organisation. Unsurprisingly, 64% of business leaders say that good customer support has a positive impact on their company’s growth. However, when organisations are reliant on your software to keep their business running, you need to ensure you have the capacity to handle any technical […]

Why you need to change your mind set from larger long-run print orders to a higher volume of short-run orders. The old rules no longer apply when it comes to print. Traditionally the only way to increase profitability was by only taking on jobs with a minimum print volume. But that has changed. Join us […]

Our meet the team collection introduces different members of the Infigo team in a slightly different light, to show a side to them that you’ve most likely never seen before. This time is the turn of Academy Manager, Sam Webster – who shares a few of his creature comforts, out of hour activities, and some […]

Infigo officially supports The Printing Charity, to help promote the welfare and wellbeing of people who work, or have worked, in the print, paper, packaging, and publishing sector. As the national charity for our industry, and a fellow IPIA member, The Printing Charity provides a range of practical, emotional and financial support. This includes a […]

Join us for this thought-provoking event, held in West London at the innovative Xerox experience centre. On January 25th, we, along with Infigo partners printIQ and Advanced UK, as well as Duplo UK, will be on hand to demonstrate how world-class print finishing, web-to-print and print technologies, can not only can provide a scalable turn-key […]

2022 in review and what you can expect to come from Infigo in the new year  It’s natural around this time of year to think about what you’ve achieved in the past and what you’re aiming for in the future. You may even think about how you’d do things differently, if you could go back […]

Technological advances are occurring at a staggering rate. Likewise, the demands of your customers are changing. Unsurprisingly the events of the last few years have accelerated both these trends. At the heart of this shift is e-commerce. Whether you offer B2B or B2C products, your customers expect to be able to quickly and easily design […]