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Business that sticks. Why web-to-print is the only way to meet the explosive demand for labels

Did you know that the print label market is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 4.2% between 2021 and 2026?


Label printing is one of the fastest-growing areas in print. However, we are seeing an increasing appetite for smaller orders, which aren’t always profitable if you don’t have the right technology and vision. Therefore, whilst there are a number of new opportunities arising within the labelling sector, not every print organisation is able to capitalise on them.


If you’re unable to cater for this, then potential customers will likely look to a competitor who can. To discover how Infigo can work alongside you, to increase productivity and profits, you’re in the right place to find out more.

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GrogTag success

Don't just take our word for it:
GrogTags Success

Based in Sacramento, California, GrogTag has capitalised on the craft beer and home brewing boom. Passionate homebrewers themselves, GrogTag wanted to offer a way for the growing army of microbreweries, wineries and vineyards to create their own labels.


Dave Blois, Front End Developer of GrogTag, says the company’s old web-to-print platform was “pretty rigid” and didn’t offer the flexibility customers were after. “For years, our customers wanted the ability to add a single additional line of text to one of their designs, or to add just one more photo, which they couldn’t do”.


He also says he would have no hesitation in recommending Infigo to other printers due to the “powerful design tool and sturdy backend” and call us biased, but we have to agree.

Design templates icon

Powerful tools, simpler platform

GrogTag decided to go with Infigo due to the powerful web-to-print tools we offer. However, the simplicity of the platform was another important factor. Dave says: “It has made web-to-print far simpler and more powerful. We can set up and maintain storefronts more quickly and efficiently”.

Customisable icon

Customers can “create some really wild stuff”

“Infigo gave our customers that little extra bit of freedom that they were missing. They can now get that real personalisation that they craved. And we’ve found that given more freedom, people will run with it and create some really wild stuff”.

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“It has made web-to-print far simpler and more powerful"

With the Infigo solution, GrogTag can now set up and maintain storefronts more quickly and efficiently. “It’s pretty easy to use and has improved efficiency. Just having systems communicating with each other has removed a lot of manual work”.

Print automation icon

Everything is faster and more efficient

“We can now set up and maintain storefronts more quickly and efficiently. It’s pretty easy to use and has improved efficiency.” Infigo’s integration with GrogTag’s other systems has also eliminated a lot of time-consuming tasks.

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Increase profit

With branded, responsive websites and individual print portals, you can take orders online at any time of day (or night), regardless of whether you are at the workplace or not.

Streamline processes

Reduce costly manual touchpoints with smart print automation. Proofing, pre-flighting, printing, archiving and shipping can be configured for minimum, or in some cases, zero human input.

Integrate print production workflows

We offer fully integrated CMS and 3rd party integrations with leading print software providers, with HP, Enfocus Pitstop, Tharstern, printIQ to name but a few.

Reduce overheads

With automation and integration, you can reduce operational costs and add new lines of business without taking on extra staff, or spending additional time on the shop floor.

Count on us

Get development, training and support from our dedicated customer services team.

Complete print management system with easy-to-use e-commerce storefronts

Create fully branded, customisable web-to-print storefronts and B2B print shop portals, where your customers can easily create and edit labels, just before proceeding to check out.


With our web-to-print platform, you increase cash flow by taking payments online 24/7. Use our powerful reporting module, Insights, for in-depth analysis of your business performance – quickly identifying areas for improvement, and creating exciting new opportunities for growth.


Create custom labels with our online editor

Provide custom label printing services to the B2C sector with e-commerce storefronts

With the recent rise in the arts, crafts and artisanal industry, there is growing demand for product label printing from microbusinesses. You can profit from this increasing demand – from microbreweries to jewellery makers, with our variable data printing software.

B2B Icon

Print custom product labels for selected B2B customers

Encourage recurring sales from business clients by creating dedicated B2B print portals, with live pricing, so they always know what each job costs. The smooth customer experience, automated updates, ease-of-use and competitive pricing means they’ll want to do business with you again and again.

Online editor icon

Offer an simple-to-use editor

Our online editor, with drag and drop functionality and easy image upload, is simple to use and allows your customers to quickly create their own personalised labels online, just before proceeding to checkout.

Print ready files icon

Easily manage order fulfilment with automated workflows and reporting tools

Have a birds eye view of your print production workflow. Easily manage orders and production fulfilment, as well as monitoring your business and sales performance. And the best part? You don’t even need to be at the workplace, you can access your label print e-commerce system from wherever you are, whenever you need to.

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