Event: Graphics Canada, 11-13th May 2023

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We’ve raised the bar for trade show demonstrations with an automated end-to-end turnkey print factory experience at Graphics Canada’s 60th anniversary expo, from 13-16th May 2023 at the Toronto International Centre. If you weren’t able to attend however, or didn’t manage to speak with one of our team members, reach out today to speak with one of our specialists. We can talk through your current process and the hurdles you are experiencing to identify what solution may fit your needs.

Teaming up with five other partners from the Web Connect+ community; Significans Automation, Enfocus, Motionalysis, Elitron and Ronik, Infigo provided the storefront entry point where you could design your own packaging product, send it through to production planning, digital printing and finishing.

Highlights from Graphics Canada 2023

We had a blast this year in Toronto, making loads of new connections within all areas of the print industry.


Six partners came together to showcase a fully automated web-to-print workflow – from a digital storefront, to production planning, printing, shop floor analytics and digital finishing, you were able to see a seamless solution complete with robotics.


Here are some of our highlights from our first Graphics Canada, coming from the International Centre, Toronto.

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Partners delivered a show stopping automated workshop demonstration with Web Connect+

Visitors of Graphics Canada Booth: 5222 will see their chosen product taken through an entirely automated workflow, driven by market-leading integration, groundbreaking AI and cutting-edge robotics – all across the mighty 100ft stand, which will then see your personalized product placed in your very hands, still hot off the press.


In an industry first, it won’t just be Graphics Canada celebrating impressive milestones on their 60th expo anniversary, with Web Connect+ Booth: 5222 featuring a total of six innovative tech partners at the same trade stand and attendees creating and personalising a product using Infigo’s web-to-print solution at the very first stage of the experience.


Once placed through our Infigo platform, the job will then be processed by Significans Automation at the second stop, a software integrator that helps printers customise their workflow, before being passed on to AI specialist  Enfocus for stage 3 pre-flight checks.


At stage four of the Web Connect+ journey, we meet the experts at Motionalysis. Their AI technology connects estimating, work order management and real-time data collection to establish how to batch the order most efficiently and process the product onto the cutting and printing machines.


Elitron, which creates robotic cutting systems, will then begin the preparation and cutting process of the materials at stage five, where your product will begin to take form and come to life.


Finally, at stage 6 of the Web Connect+ experience, your items will be transported across the length of the booth from Elitron to the Ronik station VIA robotics, where it will be printed and placed in your hands to keep, hot from the press. The whole process without any human touchpoints, from start to finish.


As well as seeing the entire workflow process in operation, attendees will also be able to book individual demonstrations with each provider along the way.


Infigo CEO & Founder, Douglas Gibson will also be speaking on the mainstage, discussing not only the technology that enables successful web-to-print, but also some of the strategies behind it, too.


During his ‘Get Creative. Get Integrated. Get Online.’ presentation, Douglas will discuss the components, culture, technology and mindset that have seen our clients reap significant success from adopting a web-to-print solution into their existing workflows.


Chris Minn, Head of Global Marketing here at Infigo cannot wait to see a fully automated workflow in operation.


He said: “We have always said that while Infigo is a market leading platform, it doesn’t work in isolation. It is just a cog in the workflow machine.


We have always stressed the importance of integration and we have always tried to come up with ever more creative ways demonstrating the product within the workflow. Since we co-founded the Web Connect+ community, along with some of the other founding members also appearing at Graphics Canada, we have held a number of webinars demonstrating how different systems can be integrated and automated.


“Now we have more partners on board than ever, it means we can create the ultimate automated print factory. Bringing this together has been a challenge, with so many moving parts involved, but we wanted to show how full print automation can be achieved.


“I genuinely think it will be one of the main talking points at Graphics Canada and will set the blueprint for the future of print production.”


Marc Raad, President of Significans Automation, said: “With advances in artificial intelligence accelerating at pace, it’s unsurprising that printers struggle to keep up with the latest developments in print production.


“Obviously you can show different technologies in isolation but when they are tied together attendees will get an entirely different perspective. I think many attendees will be blown away by how you can create a fully automated workflow when different systems are integrated.


“It’s genuinely going to be an incredible few days.”

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Solutions showcased at the event included:


✩ Infigo ✩
Leading provider of personalised print and e-commerce solutions.
✩ Significans Automation ✩
Delivers software and process implementation and integration services.
✩ Enfocus ✩
A global PDF validation and process automation software provider.
✩ Motionalysis ✩
Industry 4.0 software that manages live tracking of printing and finishing assets.
✩ Ronik ✩
Innovative flatbed printers that deliver speed, precision and automation.
✩ Elitron ✩
Provider of technological solutions for advanced cutting needs.

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