It's time to shake things up...


Times have changed, and so have we – that’s why we’ve decided to refresh and simplify our brand.


Our new brand gives us an even stronger base to keep pushing the boundaries of web-to-print technology, working in partnership with our customers and providing world-class support.


We love when our customers and partners display our logo across their marketing materials, including website, brochures and more. So, to ensure your content is the most up-to-date, we want to provide you with our latest brand assets on demand.


For all other requirements, or enquiries toward potential collaborations and partnerships, please contact us or email for more information.



Infigo. Just Infigo.

Following feedback received from our customers over time, as well as insights from our rebrand focus groups, we’ve decided to remove the word ‘software’ from our name and, from now on, will trade as Infigo.
Note: no changes are needed on legal or financial paperwork.

No more ‘Catfish’

Following feedback from our customers (especially our US users), we decided to retire the name ‘Catfish’. Our platform will therefore simply be referred to as Infigo. MegaEdit, Infigo Designer, Insights, Invent and Chameleon remain the same – however Catfish Editor is now Infigo Editor, Generic MIS Plugin is now Infigo Connect: Flow and Catfish Sync is now Infigo Sync.

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