Print management software for
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Internal fulfilment or revenue stream? Both.

Whether providing printing services as a complementary benefit to students and staff, or as a way to increase revenue, our print management system is the perfect solution to manage your print operations.

Want to create branded portals for individual departments or storefronts for different students’ needs? Our web-to-print software can handle it all. From college merchandise to customisable documents, event literature and ID cards – students or staff can easily customise and order their print materials from anywhere, 24/7. You can take on a lot more jobs and create additional funds for your facility, without increasing your workload.

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Ideal print management system for universities and colleges

Create individually branded print portals for different requirements – all under one platform, with a diverse range of customisable products; or configure access restrictions for each area of your storefront. You can either take payments upfront, or set limits on departmental budgets – say goodbye to chasing your students or staff for payment.


Gated print portals for staff and students

Create a web-to-print portal, where students and staff can quickly sign in via single sign-on (SSO). In line with the access restrictions you set up, they’ll only see the products that are relevant to their department or area of study.

Any type of products

Whether providing a professional finishing service for student dissertations, learning materials, promotional (or personalised) brochures to market to undergraduates, university branded mugs and hoodies, or general signage for the campus, our print on demand system can handle it all.

Print in-house or source printing

You can connect your web-to-print storefront to any press, whether it’s your own onsite machinery, a contracted supplier – or both. Your customers won’t know the difference – they just receive email updates to say their order has been received, processed and shipped regardless of where it’s been produced.

Generate regular funds

With a variety of printing demands from students, faculty and staff, web-to-print is the perfect solution for universities and other higher education facilities.

Whether providing printed materials for students, such as reports and learning materials; promotional marketing materials for your organisation, such as stationery and brochures to market; or personalised merchandise such as university branded mugs and hoodies, our online printing platform has the flexibility to cover all bases.

As well as providing a highly efficient turnaround, with minimal human touchpoints, web-to-print can massively help to reduce day-to-day printing costs, while generating additional revenue for higher education facilities, at a time when budgets are under intense pressure.

Give freedom, keep control

With our print ordering system, you can provide students and staff with the ability to order whatever they want, whenever they want – all whilst you maintain control of budgets and brand. By utilising our powerful reporting module, Insights, you can easily monitor order volume, analyse performance, understand user behaviour and improve your operations.

Infigo Insights reporting module
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Single sign-on

Create a secure, gated print portal, where students and staff can sign in via single sign-on (SSO). This means users won’t need to remember new passwords, instead they simply login as they currently do for your other systems. Besides reducing the risk of data breach, it also increases the usage of the platform.

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Restrict access based on user permission

Ensure budget control and minimise any opportunity for potential student printing mishaps. You can assign access/user roles and restrict access. This means you have a choice of creating multiple print portals or configuring what each user group can access, view and modify on a single storefront.

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Locked templates

With our powerful built-in personalisation software, users can independently modify or personalise materials, reducing the pressure on your design team. If you want to maintain brand identity, you can easily lock selected elements in your design templates. This way, users still have the freedom to edit and order without compromising your brand.

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Easy-to-use online print editor with 3D preview

After creating their design, users can easily view their finished product from all angles with our state-of-the-art 3D module. Besides providing reassurance of how the design will look before check-out, it can also avoid any potential headaches – as any artwork issues can be spotted and fixed before the order has been placed.

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