Event: FINAT European Label Forum, 31st May – 2nd June 2023

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Infigo demonstrates how to capitalise on the growing demand for print e-commerce at European Label Forum, Vienna, Austria 

We are delighted to be in attendance at this year’s FINAT European Label Forum (ELF) taking place at The Hilton Vienna Park, Vienna, Austria, demonstrating how label convertors can significantly boost revenue streams, by offering an online solution to customers.

After being proudly accepted as a member of FINAT (an abbreviation of the French title: Féderation Internationale des fabricants et transformateurs d’Adhésifs et Thermocollants sur papiers et autres) in February this year, this is the first time Infigo has had the honour of attending this auspicious event.

During the forum, being held between 31 May and 2 June, Infigo will show label converters how quickly and easily it is to set up and brand an e-commerce storefront, where customers can design and order their own labels and you can integrate with other platforms in the production workflow.

Antonia Fagan, Partnership Growth Manager here at Infigo, said: “Having worked for Infigo for 7 years, we are seeing more demand for e-commerce solutions from the label industry than ever before. This is for several reasons.

“Growth in a number of sectors, from pharmaceuticals driven by an aging population, to demand for luxury goods in developing economies is contributing to overall growth. But we’re also seeing an explosion in microbusinesses, whether that’s street food stalls or handmade gifts.

“Label converters therefore need to be able to profitably produce smaller batches of labels at the same cost as they would larger batches. By enabling customers to design and order labels themselves, and reducing manual touch points by integrating and automating systems, it makes the entire experience more customer friendly and significantly cuts overheads.”

In less than 45 minutes Antonia will demonstrate, how with the Infigo platform, you can:

• Create both B2B and B2C storefront solutions, even with limited web design experience
• Support artwork upload – including pre-flighting by utilising Enfocus PitStop technology
• Provide pre-designed templates
• Offer the ability to handle full variable data personalisation

Antonia will also demonstrate the simplicity of the Infigo: Connect open API, which syncs orders directly into workflow and MIS systems such as Hybrid, ESKO, printIQ, Tharstern, CERM and Label Traxx.

Attending the forum in Vienna is Infigo’s latest commitment to helping the label industry modernise and digitise its processes. As well as becoming a member of FINAT, Infigo was also announced as a member of the prestigious US body, the Tag and Labels Manufacturing Institute (TMLI), at LabelExpo Americas 2022 in Chicago.

Fagan added: “We know the label market is experiencing significant growth at the moment, with the sector forecast to grow by around 5% in the next few years. We also know that e-commerce is the preferred choice for the majority of customers, particularly millennials, who have grown up with digital technology, and now represent 64% of B2B buyers.

“Label converters know they need to have an online presence to profit from this growth, but we’ve often they don’t know where to start.

“I’m really excited to showcase in real time all the great features that an Infigo system has to offer so label convertors can achieve online e-commerce success.

“They’ll come away with a strong understanding of everything that’s required to create a thriving label factory.

“It’ll be a journey where even those new to print e-commerce aren’t lost in technical speak but understand what comes next in the digital workflow and why and how it all links together.”

“I’ll demonstrate everything from how to create a storefront, how customers can upload and edit their own artwork, how the storefront integrates with your MIS and other platforms and the strategies that are required to really push and scale the e-commerce channel.”

To find out more about The FINAT European Label Forum 2023, Vienna, you can visit their website.

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