The PrintPod episode 4: Print Island with personalisation guru, Richard Askam 🏝️ In the latest episode of our industry’s most exciting and upcoming print podcast, The PrintPod, a forum in which we invite a range of guests to discuss anything and everything to do with the industry, we are joined by the influential creator of […]

Keep Your Cool: The story behind Infigo’s ice bath wellness plunge In this episode of The PrintPod, we interview Ben Davie – a physical and mental wellness coach, and founder of Keep Your Cool, who had the pleasure of dunking 18 members of the Infigo team into a cold water bath – at 6am on […]

Embracing innovation and automation: A deep dive into web-to-print with Paul Bromley In the ever-evolving landscape of the print industry, embracing automation becomes not just a competitive advantage but a necessity for survival and growth. In the second episode of our PrintPod podcast, Head of Global Marketing, Chris Minn, chats with Head of Global Sales, […]

Infigo launches brand new podcast; The PrintPod, to discuss and debate all elements of the print industry From the challenges of the pandemic to the impact of runaway inflation and the implementation of AI – there’s been a lot to discuss in the print industry over the last few years. At times it can seem […]