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The personalised gifting market is growing - are you taking a slice of the revenue?

Did you know that more than half of us have received a personalised gift in the last year? Which is why the gifting industry is worth £1bn in the UK alone, and keeps on growing. Take advantage of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and all of those other occasions when only a personalised gift will suffice.


With our e-commerce print on demand software, you can take advantage of this trend, by enabling your customers to personalise any product in your range, which could include everything from mugs and caps, to t-shirts or photo albums.

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Make it easy for customers to order personalised gifts from your online print shop

Customers have come to expect an Amazon-like experience from every online business. So your branded web-to-print e-commerce storefront must not only be easy-to-navigate, but also offer a wide range of customisable products with live pricing. Allow your customers to customise and order with ease, whilst providing automated email updates on their order status – all with minimal human intervention on your side. Sounds complicated? Only if you don’t have the right tools. With our web-to-print software, you can achieve all of this, and so much more.


Sell personalised gifts online

Stand out online with a unique and strong brand identity. With our web-to-print software, you can quickly create a professional and eye-catching print shop website that can generate you income 24/7.

Offer an extensive product range

Your growth opportunities are unlimited. Our web-to-print software is a highly versatile system that allows you to offer additional personalisation on virtually any product, from merchandise to gifting. Setting up new ranges is quick and simple, so you can easily diversify and adapt to new market demands.

Partner with different printing providers

You don’t need to own print machinery to sell personalised gifts online. Our web-to-print software can connect your e-commerce storefront to your selected print providers, who can efficiently fulfil the orders that come in without you having to lift a finger – and what’s more, you can even set up different suppliers for each product in your range.

All in one platform

Manage all of your materials, suppliers and orders from one platform. If you want to enter new markets or create new brands, you can quickly and easily add additional storefronts to your account.

Keep customers coming back for more

With our web-to-print software, you can provide customers with the print e-commerce experience they expect – from an intuitive customer journey and ease of ordering, to automated updates when the order is received, fulfilled and shipped. These are the experiences that will keep customers coming back for more.

Make customers choose you

With so many online stores out there, what sets you apart from the rest? Even before customers can check the quality of your product, they are already assessing you on the quality of your website and ease-of-use. So stand out from the start by offering an eye-catching website with a great CX (customer experience).


Suzanne Rouart, founding partner of Infigo customer Print My Smile, says: “Putting a name and photo on a piece of print is nothing new, and the choice of personalised gifts available are vast. Differentiating ourselves and building loyalty with customers, to become their number one, all comes down to the user experience and the quality of the product.”

Print My Smile website on devices
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Easy-to-use website

On your e-commerce storefront, customers can easily find what they are looking for, personalise items as they wish, and receive a quote based on their product attribute selections instantly.

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Automated workflows

With automated pre-flighting and proofing, customers can be warned of potential artwork issues before placing an order without the need for time-consuming manual checks. Print automation means orders received on your e-commerce storefront are transferred to your production line seamlessly. Plus, your customers are always updated on their order status progress with automated notifications.

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Offer design templates

Create a library of editable design templates and allow customers to quickly personalise them with the help of our intuitive online editor, through your website. Setting up new designs, to capture a wider audience or to introduce new product ranges, can be easily done directly from Adobe InDesign with our innovative Invent module.

3D preview icon

3D Preview

With our state-of-the-art 3D preview tool, your customers can enjoy their finished personalised gift on screen, from all angles, before they checkout – this significantly potential future complaints and returns.

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Automated customer notifications

With built-in e-commerce features, your web-to-print website is more than a static catalogue of products. You can integrate with a number of payment gateways, and allow customers to confidently and securely pay online, without being redirected to another site. Reassurance for them and regular cash flow for you, all through our print e-commerce system.

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