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Infigo demonstrates the power of AI in automated workflows at drupa Düsseldorf

Who hasn’t day-dreamed of being granted superpowers through their own origin story? Such as being bitten by a radioactive spider, or landing on earth as a baby, only to discover you have superhuman strength and can travel faster than a speeding bullet?

Or maybe you’ve just wondered what you’d look like if you spent a few months in the gym and squeezed into a tight-fitting spandex outfit?

Well, there’s good news and bad news if you’re attending this year’s drupa event, held between 28th May – 7th June, from the Messe Dusseldorf, Germany.

The bad news, is that Infigo can’t help you with the first two scenarios.

Automated workflows, combined with AI

However, the good news is that, by teaming up with the best workflow partners the print industry has to offer, we can transform you into a superhero during our ground-breaking demonstration that combines the latest AI filter technology with an entirely automated workflow.

A workflow that begins with a simple selfie at one of our photobooth kiosks, and ends with you transformed as a superhero, featured on your very own sticker/label or pouch package, to take away with you.

Best of all, this transformation occurs without you having to cut-out the carbs, step foot in a gym or endure a traumatic origin story.

All you have to do is find us in HP Hall 17, where as HP’s premier web-to-print provider, and the only supplier in the hall, we will have two kiosks – one providing a labels workflow and the other, a packaging workflow.

Step into our booth as a mere mortal, emerge a superhero

Beginning with a quick headshot in our respective photobooths (provided by our trusty sidekick ArtLab), an AI filter will transform you into a superhero from our Herculean choice of characters, before you perfect your label or packaging design using our powerful editing tools.

You will be able to choose from a range of templates (regardless of whether you are trying out the labels or packaging workflow).

Once your design has been finalised, you will be able to view it in our state-of-the-art 3D preview module, complete with any embellishments. Once you have completed the order and checked out, you will receive an confirmation email, along with your order number, so you can ‘Track & Trace’ progress across the workflow.

For labels, the order will then be passed onto the next stage of the workflow for batching and ganging through our integration MIS partner CERM (Connect: CERM) and then pushed through to our friends at HYBRID Software (Connect: HYBRID) for step and repeat, before HP Site Flow swoops in, to print off your personalised product on their revolutionary Indigo 6k printer.

Likewise, those placing a packaging order will also be able to edit, personalise, and preview their order in 3D before it’s completed and pushed through Connect: HYBRID for step and repeat.

HP Site Flow then receives the order and prints it out on their incredible Indigo 200k before JetFX cuts out the individual orders.

Not “just a gimmick”

Infigo CEO & Founder, Douglas Gibson, who will be in attendance at the event, said: “The addition of AI face swap technology into the HP and Infigo workflow isn’t just a gimmick. It adds true value for the end client, by creating truly unique products that have the ‘wow’ factor.

“It’s these types of features that keep a customer coming back – something that can add more margin, more value and most importantly, more profitability.”

Which hero will you become?

We have a range of mighty superheroes, and something for everyone to choose from, each representing our superpowered partners:


You could choose to become an electromagnetic-powered Infigo playboy billionaire


Perhaps an X-ray vision, clenched-fist-flying HP caped crusader?


A green inspired intergalactic adventurer, powered by CERM

HYBRID Software

Guard a mythical underwater kingdom as the half-human, half-Atlantean HYBRID Software king of the seas

AB Graphic International

Become the Asgardian God of Thunder whilst swinging your mystical AB Graphic International hammer


If you’re a fan of the stars and stripes, then we have a hero for you, featuring our friends from drupa


Control the weather whilst fighting for peace between mutants and humans with JetFX


Clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow, thanks to Karlville


An Infigo hero everywhere you turn   

As well as finding us in HP Hall 17, we’ll also be combining superpowers with our friends and partners at Esko, for their workflow demonstration in Hall 8b. So there will be plenty of opportunities to speak to one of our team about the benefits of web-to-print and automation.

Chris Minn, Head of Global Marketing for Infigo, said: “It feels like a very long time coming, so we can’t wait to be back at drupa, alongside our partners, demonstrating the incredible advances we’ve made since the pandemic.

“However this is an industry that doesn’t sit still and, as we are all aware, AI is advancing the realms of digital possibilities on almost a daily basis.

I think attendees will be blown away to see our first experiments in integrating generative AI, into the design and workflow process. And we will be out in force, including many of our senior team, to answer any of your questions about the current possibilities of an integrated and automated workflow.”

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