Event: drupa Düsseldorf, Germany, 28th May – 7th June 2024

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We’re heading to Europe this summer, where we will demonstrate how Generative AI can make you a workflow-hero at this year’s long-awaited drupa event, held between 28th May and 7th June in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Following drupa’s extended break, due to the supervillain known as Covid-19, Infigo has teamed up with our friends and workflow partners HP, CERM, HYBRID Software and AB Graphic International.

As HP’s premier web-to-print partner, and the only provider located in HP Hall 17 of the Messe Düsseldorf, Infigo will give a sneak peek into how AI personalisation will become a critical aspect of print, as well as showcase the amazing automated abilities of an integrated workflow, in a generative AI in print industry first.

Every hero needs a sidekick

At not one, but two Infigo kiosks, drupa attendees will embark on an interactive journey.

One kiosk will demonstrate a web-to-pack storefront, featuring a personalised pouch, and the other a web-to-label storefront, offering a beer bottle label.

So you’ll start the personalised AI design process with a ‘selfie’ style photograph, taken from our booth, then once your image is uploaded to the Infigo storefront, you’ll witness a magical transformation into a superhero.

This is all through an experimental module of our dynamic online editor, MegaEdit, which offers a wide range of design capabilities for personalising products.

You’ll also see how our MegaEdit 3D preview module provides a realistic representation of your pouch or label at all angles, complete with unique finishes.

In short, attendees will experience how integrations with our workflow partners enable:

• Real-time pricing based on substrates and finishing, so the customer knows exactly what they have to pay.
• Automated pre-press checks, so neither you or the customer has to pay for costly production errors.
• Streamlined processes, so proofing, pre-flighting, printing, archiving and more can be configured for minimum, or in some cases, zero human input.
• Reduced operational costs and new lines of business without taking on extra staff, or spending additional time on the shop floor.
• Automated “Track & Trace” – you can check on your order’s progress but also receive automated email alerts, when your product is ready to ship (or collect).

Whilst this AI/workflow sorcery is invisible to your customers, you’ll get to see an x-ray view of how our partner integrations enable data sync across the process.


At our web-to-label workflow kiosk, visitors will create their own AI-enhanced superhero beer bottle label, demonstrating the seamless process from design, print and syncing data, all thanks to the powerful Connect: CERM integration, which will be then passed just a stones throw away to be printed by HP’s state-of-the-art Indigo 6k Digital Press.

The Connect: CERM integration brings together Infigo’s e-commerce and personalisation prowess with CERM’s estimating, workflow and job management expertise, to demonstrate a complete package for label converters.


Meanwhile, at our nearby web-to-pack workflow kiosk, visitors will create a personalised pouch, which will demonstrate the transition from Infigo into HYBRID Software, through the Connect: HYBRID integration, with the process being completed by HP’s Indigo 200k Digital Press.

The Connect: HYBRID integration allows web-to-pack operators to create beautifully branded online storefronts that can take orders and payments and allow users to upload designs and edit templates without any manual intervention.

‘Happy Hour’ 

Attendees will then be given a dedicated slot during HP’s ‘Happy Hour’, at the end of each day, to collect their personalised beer or pouch. Not only that, but this year visitors can check progress of their order using the new Track & Trace feature, in addition to a confirmation email to let you know it’s ready.

Infigo Assemble

Whilst we might be leaving our capes and masks at home, our team of web-to-print experts will be on-hand to answer any of your workflow questions, and also give advice on marketing e-commerce storefronts.

Our Infigo Avengers will include CEO & Founder, Douglas Gibson, Chief Technical Officer, Michael Zauner, Head of Global Marketing, Chris Minn, Head of Global Sales, Paul Bromley and backed by other Infigo experts from a range of different teams, boasting various skillsets and expertise from across the company.

Chris Minn said on our attendance: “We can’t wait to be back at drupa, alongside our partners and friends at HP, CERM, HYBRID Software and ABG, demonstrating the incredible advances we’ve made since the pandemic.

“However this is an industry that doesn’t sit still and, as we are all aware, AI is advancing the realms of digital possibilities on an almost a daily basis.

“So, we can’t wait for drupa attendees to see our first experiments in integrating generative AI, into the design and workflow process. We will be out in full force, to answer any of your questions about the current possibilities of an integrated and automated workflow.”

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