We’re releasing several new updates to our ground-breaking InDesign plugin, Invent, which will give users even greater design flexibility than ever before. The module, which has had significant uptake from Infigo’s print partners since its launch two years ago, combines the design flexibility of InDesign with the functionality of end-to-end web-to-print. The integration gives Infigo […]

The PrintPod episode 4: Print Island with personalisation guru, Richard Askam 🏝️ In the latest episode of our industry’s most exciting and upcoming print podcast, The PrintPod, a forum in which we invite a range of guests to discuss anything and everything to do with the industry, we are joined by the influential creator of […]

Automated workflows powered by AI algorithms can reduce manual labour, increase production speed, and minimise errors. AI systems can analyse print jobs and suggest cost-effective printing options, such as choosing the right paper, ink, or printing method to minimise costs while maintaining quality. Or are we all at risk of being made redundant, with self-running […]

White paper: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
within the print industry

We had a blast this year in Indianapolis 🏁 Not only did our collaboration with HP Site Flow generate over 200 orders for attendee souvenir postcards through the official Dscoop /Infigo app, but we also made loads of new connections within all areas of the Dscoop community. To recap, Infigo’s web-to-print experts were not only […]

A decade of dedication: 10-year anniversary for Infigo’s fabulous four Despite Infigo only being nearly 14 years old itself, we are delighted to congratulate Head of Customer Success, Greg Young, Technical Operations Director, Alex Bowell, Accounts Manager, Rebecca Mayne and Junior Designer, Rebecca Bray (AKA Little Bex), for hitting their 10-year anniversary. We sat down […]

Keep Your Cool: The story behind Infigo’s ice bath wellness plunge In this episode of The PrintPod, we interview Ben Davie – a physical and mental wellness coach, and founder of Keep Your Cool, who had the pleasure of dunking 18 members of the Infigo team into a cold water bath – at 6am on […]

Don’t get stuck in the past Do you remember life without the internet? Because for many of your colleagues and clients, it’s all they’ve known. They’ve grown up with Netflix and Amazon and are used to being able to summon up products and media at the click of a button. And they expect the same […]

Case study: Talient Action Group

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Talient Action Group (TAG), are a commercial printing company based in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. Other organisations which operate under the same umbrella are key players from a range of industries, such as wedü: Marketing & Growth Agency and Granite River Studios. TAG provide unique marketing communications, focused on combining the power of print with […]