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Setting the foundations for a further decade of growth with innovative management framework

As a leading global web-to-print provider, we are excited to unveil an innovative new management structure that will position the business for robust growth over the next decade and beyond.

Sticking to our core values of being a people-centric business, which has seen Infigo win several Best Workplaces™ awards, we believe that by adopting the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) framework, we will provide an even better product and service to our customers.

Infigo CEO & Founder, Douglas Gibson, said: “There’s an adage that if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it. However, the company is always growing – over the last 14 years we’ve grown from 5 employees to 50.

“As you grow particularly in an organisation that is moving quickly, you need a greater and wider team that is well-organised, has strong leadership, and is not reliant on one individual.

“We’re continuing to evolve, and we’re not standing still. We haven’t stood still with our product and we’re not willing to stand still with the organisation. We want to continue to disrupt and innovate within the print industry and the new structure will allow us to achieve that.”

New structure and new Managing Director

Under the new Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS), Douglas will take on the role of CEO, with Alex Bowell, who has been with Infigo for more than a decade, promoted from Technical Operations Director to Managing Director.

Douglas said: “As the business has grown, ultimately it’s needed better day-to-day operational control. I’ll be honest, I like to be out and about in the industry, helping our clients scale and developing new partnerships. But when I’m out and about, it doesn’t keep the business running at an optimum level.

This is where Alex comes in: he’s focused, he’s driven and he has been at the heart of Infigo for a decade, so he knows the business inside out.

Not only this, but he’s also passionately driven forward several of our business changes in the last few years (including the four day working week) which has seen us win several Best Workplaces™ awards as well as leading the implementation of EOS.”

Further growth through EOS

Having joined Infigo as a start-up with a handful of employees and seen it grow to a 50+ person global business, Alex said he was extremely proud and honoured to be appointed as Managing Director.

He added that the business had already started reaping the benefits of the EOS framework.

“EOS is made up of a number of core principles including Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process and Traction and then uses a set of timeless concepts and practical, proven tools to allow you to make strategic, fundamental changes in the business and then track their impact”, he said.

Alex continued: “EOS requires someone in the business who is the visionary – responsible for generating new ideas, innovating and driving the business forward, and this is very much what Douglas is passionate about and good at.

“It also requires you to have someone who is ultimately responsible for achieving the goals set by the visionary – keeping the business on track, piecing everything together, and working closely with the core pillars of the business—marketing, sales, finance, customer, and product—on a day-to-day basis to make sure everyone is working at their optimum. I am here to make sure that there are no blockers, we all play to our strengths and that we’re executing the vision that we as a business have decided on.”

“The sky is the limit”

As a result of the new structure, Alex said that further internal promotions to leadership positions would be announced in due course.

“I am really excited and hugely motivated to make Infigo as successful as we can and I genuinely believe the sky is the limit.

“We have a fantastic group of people that I have so much faith and trust in to help us achieve that. I have to thank Douglas for his continued support over the last 10 years and for putting his faith in me to lead the business in the next chapter.

“We’re not here to make up the numbers, we’re here to lead the way and it is my 100% focus to ensure we realise our potential as the number one global web-to-print provider”, he said.

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