Webinar: Elevate your workflow with printIQ & Infigo, 24th July 2024

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We’re demonstrating our revolutionary custom quoting upgrade to Connect: printIQ integration during a webinar being held on 24th July.

The new feature eliminates the need to pre-create multiple SKUs for each product variation, giving greater flexibility and precision in creating estimates.

The online event, which is being held at 4pm BST (11am EST), will feature insight from Infigo Head of Global Marketing, Chris Minn and Head of Global Sales, Paul Bromley, joined by printIQ UK Sales Manager, Rob Thurston, with special guest partner (and user of the Connect: printIQ integration), Sarah Carter, Director of Client Services at POSITIVE.

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Detailed mapping between products

Previously, creating estimates and retrieving live pricing from print IQ required creating individual SKUs for every product combination. For example, having five fixed sizes, two stocks, and two finishes required 20 SKUs in printIQ.

The new functionality eliminates the need for upfront product creation, allowing for detailed mapping between Infigo products and their Print IQ equivalents using component parts.

This involves building a base specification at the Infigo product level and overriding certain parts at the product attribute or attribute combination level, facilitating more complex quotes.

Long-standing partnership

Paul Bromley, Global Head of Sales for Infigo, who previously worked for printIQ said: “Obviously there has been a long standing partnership between printIQ and Infigo, and over the last decade we have consistently worked together to help users significantly reduce overheads by improving the wokflow.

“However this latest update is one we’re both particularly proud of.”

During the webinar, attendees will learn how the Connect: printIQ plugin’s Custom Quoting feature revolutionises the quoting process by eliminating the need to pre-create multiple SKUs for each product variation. Instead, users can dynamically configure detailed mappings between Infigo products and their printIQ counterparts, using a user-friendly interface.

Paul continued: “This new approach allows for greater flexibility and precision in creating estimates, as users can now build complex quotes based on specific attributes and product combinations without needing specialised skills to manually adjust JSON.

“The intuitive UI ensures accurate and tailored quotations, enhancing efficiency and reducing setup complexity.”

“Partners rather than vendors”

Danny Sullivan, CEO of POSITIVE+, said that the organisation had already seen the benefits of the upgraded functionality.

He said: “We’ve been testing the upgrade for several months now and it really has blown us away. Its significantly reduced the time it takes to create SKU’s which when you multiply that across our client base is huge cost and time saving.

“One of the reasons we chose to work with Infigo and printIQ is because we see them more as partners than vendors. So, the opportunity to test this update was one we jumped at, and we’re already reaping the rewards.

To get a deep dive into all aspects of the upgraded Connect: printIQ plugin, and see how it could benefit your print business, register for the webinar now.



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