Podcast: The PrintPod episode 6: Mind Games, with Man Up / Man Down

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The PrintPod episode 6: Mind Games with David Pawsey and Volker Ballueder from the Man Up / Man Down podcast

In the latest episode of our print podcast, The PrintPod, where we invite a range of guests to discuss anything and everything to do with the industry, we are joined by an inspiring duo, David Pawsey and Volker Ballueder. Through their podcast, Man Up / Man Down, they regularly discuss men’s mental health highlighting that these struggles can be experienced by everyone and anyone but men are particularly hesitant to open up about their feelings.

What is Man Up / Man Down?

Man Up / Man Down is a podcast aimed at middle-aged men, discussing the issues men are often afraid or ashamed to talk about with their friends or family. A group of people, who may not be great at sharing their own emotions, or have grown up around the mantra that they should just “Man Up.”


Tragically, this is also a group who are three times more likely to commit suicide than their female counterparts, with males aged 50-54, most likely to take their own lives.


And whilst the podcast is predominantly aimed at men, it certainly doesn’t exclude female guests, and has even found itself with a diverse following, due to the fact that it often talks about issues that men frankly don’t share with their partners.


“In fact, we often get messages from women thanking us for helping them to understand their partners better” says David Pawsey, Man Up / Man Down co-host and co-founder.

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Mental health and Infigo

Mental health has always been highly important to Infigo, which was one of the many reasons why we got involved with the Printing Charity – which provides a free 24/7/365 helpline, offering practical and emotional support to anyone working in the print, paper, packaging and graphic industry.


We also introduced a trailblazing 4-day working week, demonstrating that when implemented alongside flexible working practices, it can lead to better work-life balance, lower stress levels, increased productivity, and reduced environmental impacts – as we recognise that our staff and their wellness are key to Infigo’s success.


In addition to these endeavours, Infigo also proudly supported another great cause in the mental health space, back in November 2023 – as official broadcast sponsors for a live panel discussion, and recording of the Man Up / Man Down podcast, in Brighton, UK.


Episode 6: Mind Games


So, we thought it was high time that we invited David Pawsey, who has also been an integral part of the Infigo marketing team over the last 5 years, to take part in our latest PrintPod podcast episode, hosted by Infigo Head of Global Marketing, Chris Minn, and featuring Man Up / Man Down co-host and co-founder, Volker Ballueder.


During the episode, the trio explore some of the various challenges in speaking up about our mental health, especially as we find ourselves in a post-Covid era, where the pandemic has acted as a catalyst in removing the stigma behind what is now the leading cause of death in the UK for not only young males (aged between 1-19yrs) but where adult men (aged 45-64yrs) have the highest rate of suicide by age, of 20 per 100,000.


David Pawsey said on the session “I’ve often worked with companies that make a lot of noise about supporting staff’s wellbeing but it is often that – just noise.


However having worked as a contractor for Infigo over the last five+ years, I have seen the way they support staff. I’ve had a particularly tough year myself and I’ve always felt comfortable enough to openly speak to my friends and colleagues about how I’m feeling. In short, despite the fact that I’m not a permanent member of staff, I’ve benefited from the support that makes Infigo such a caring company.”


Volker added: “As men we all struggle at one time or another but many of us feel that we’re alone. Through Man Up / Man Down we are trying to get men to talk more and if we can get just one person to reach out for help, rather than taking their own life, then we have done our job.


And it’s thanks to forward-thinking companies like Infigo that we are able to spread our message to a wider audience.”


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