Baker Labels approached us to help implement an online store for their brand, Sportstiks, to help reduce unnecessary emails and phone calls with the sales team and enable the firm to increase efficiency and lower production costs, resulting in greater savings for the end customer. While the initial priority is to develop an online store for […]

Did you know that 60% of businesses fail to make it beyond their third year of trading? Often, it’s bloody-minded determination from a passionate CEO that makes the difference between failure and success. Ask any business leader and they will tell you that building a sustainable enterprise takes long days, sleepless nights, personal and financial […]

Case study: Catapult

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Catapult are a perfect example of the wide range of services that you can offer with web-to-print. The firm provides any type of printing, from direct mail to vehicle wraps (including cars, trucks, buses, boats and even planes) and a lot more in between! The problem Dan Bruck, Director of Operations of Catapult says that […]

5 myths about web-to-print which could be damaging your business There’s a tongue in cheek mantra we use about the printing industry: the best time to invest in web-to-print was 10 years ago, and the second-best time is now. Because if there’s one thing that we’ve seen over the past 18 months, it is that […]

Not all of our clients are print businesses in the traditional sense. The Arizona State University Print and Imaging Lab handles a range of needs for students and staff.   The problem Not all of our clients are print businesses in the traditional sense. The Arizona State University Print and Imaging Lab handles a range […]

Case study: Think Patented

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Formed in 1979, Think Patented is renowned for providing clients with cutting edge integrated print and marketing services. Based in Miamisburg, Ohio in the USA, the organisation serves businesses around the world. The problem Despite being early adopters of web-to-print, Think Patented found that many of the platforms it used quickly became out of date. […]

Founded in 2014, Personalised Luggage is the UK’s first and only manufacturer and distributor of fully personalised suitcases. The company offers its services to retail and corporate clients as well as white label services to dropshipping firms. The problem Initially targeting the corporate gifts sector, Personalised Luggage soon realised there was wider demand from retail […]

Case study: Print My Smile

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Print My Smile is a personalised gifting brand which offers posters, mugs, water bottles, notebooks, clothing and accessories – and has been an Infigo customer since its inception. The problem Putting a name and photo on a piece of print is nothing new, and the choice of personalised gifts available is vast. Print My Smile […]