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Formed in 1979, Think Patented is renowned for providing clients with cutting edge integrated print and marketing services. Based in Miamisburg, Ohio in the USA, the organisation serves businesses around the world.

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The problem

Despite being early adopters of web-to-print, Think Patented found that many of the platforms it used quickly became out of date. Once they updated other systems, they found that their legacy web-to-print platforms weren’t able to integrate. Think Patented wanted to partner with a provider that could offer a simple user experience, without compromising functionality and flexibility. Which is what led them to Infigo. Sean Ferguson, technology and development manager at Think Patented, says the flexibility we offer means Think Patented can truly meet its client’s expectations. He says: “With previous platforms, we had to really stay in the box and we had to sell that box! You could only offer a certain look and type of storefront and that was it.”

Seamless integrations leads to new clients

Since partnering with Infigo, Sean says that Think Patented has been able to cross sell existing clients with larger, more complex storefronts. “We’ve also been able to gain new clients with custom integrations, like a PunchOut Catalog as well as Single Sign-on (SSO)”, he says. The ability to anticipate future client demands was also a defining factor in investing in Infigo’s solution.


Sean says: “Over the years, we quickly outgrew a lot of our platforms, so you need to think ahead and get a platform that not only serves your current clients needs but your clients’ needs five to ten years from now.”

Unique storefronts and flexibility

The ability to create completely unique custom storefronts with Infigo’s platform has helped Think Patented land several large clients. As well as the platform being incredibly simple to use, Think Patented says that the platform’s flexibility, handling a huge variety of products means it can meet its clients’ varied needs. He says: “We offer the platform as a white label solution. Every time we do a client demo, inevitably they just say 'Wow, it looks super clean and easy to use'.

“What our clients are demanding nowadays, they want an all-encompassing experience. They don't want to just order business cards. They want their stationery. They want to design templates online. They want to get digital downloads. They want to have all these custom integrations.”

"Infigo focus more on the end user, where I feel like other vendors focus on the production side first and then build a web interface. I think what Infigo has developed is honestly years ahead of anything else I’ve come across."

Sean Ferguson, Technology & Development Manager - Think Patented
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