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Catapult are a perfect example of the wide range of services that you can offer with web-to-print. The firm provides any type of printing, from direct mail to vehicle wraps (including cars, trucks, buses, boats and even planes) and a lot more in between!

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The problem

Dan Bruck, Director of Operations of Catapult says that the organisation had used web-to-print in the past but the platform didn’t quite live up to its promise.

He says that the customer service with the previous provider left a lot to be desired and that its single sign-on (SSO) capabilities were lacking. He says: “They couldn’t really offer us Single Sign-On (SSO) which was a requirement when on-boarding a new client at the time so it was becoming increasingly important for us.”

Which is why Catapult switched to Infigo in 2019.

Shipping processing time cut by more than 50%

The integrations available through Infigo were also a major factor in choosing us over other providers.


Dan says: “We are using Easypost for shipping which has significantly cut down on shipping errors and issues with capturing shipping costs. This integration has cut shipping processing time by more than 50% and eliminated mistyped addresses, tracking and captured cost errors.”

Great technical guidance

Dan says that he hasn’t been disappointed with the level of technical guidance he has received so far. “Everyone is awesome to work with - from complex SSO projects to basic support”, he shares.

One of Infigo's core values is collaboration - we see our clients more like partners. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team are always willing to offer support, training and guidance to help our customers make the most of our solution, maximising ROI for ultimate success.

Our system, however, isn't only intuitive for the staff, Catapult’s customers have also found the platform simple to work with. “It’s helped us land a couple new accounts (primarily due to the SSO functionality) and streamlined inventory and ordering for two customers. We have had almost no complaints from end users which makes everyone happy.”

"What I like the most about Infigo are the integrations, as we have plans to tie into a new MIS, and the customer service – everyone is awesome to work with, from basic support to complex SSO projects"

Dan Bruck, Director of Operations - Catapult
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