Podcast: The PrintPod episode 5: Please Raise a Ticket, with James Thompson

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Please Raise a Ticket, with Infigo Customer Software Support Analyst, James Thompson

In the latest episode of our industry’s most exciting and upcoming print podcast, The PrintPod, a forum in which we invite a range of guests to discuss anything and everything to do with the industry, Infigo Head of Global Marketing, Chris Minn, is joined by Customer Software Support Analyst, James Thompson.

The pair not only explore some of the benefits of working directly with the Infigo Customer Support Team, but also candidly discuss how the team operate on a day-to-day basis, some top-tips for raising the perfect support ticket, as well as some of the many updates, features and improvements that are either already available, or in the pipeline.

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Having joined Infigo in August 2022, James is already reaching his 2-year anniversary with the business, and his enthusiasm and eagerness to provide first-in-class support and assistance is as indisputable as ever.


Having won an Infigo ‘Rising Star’ award during our 2023 company event, James’ dedication for providing only the highest standard of customer support was identified early-on in his Infigo journey, and is a reflection of the how the Customer Support Team operate as a whole.

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How to construct the perfect support ticket

Whilst describing what an average day looks like for the Support Team, as well as shining a light on the human-side of his colleagues and what makes them tick (away from a computer screen).


James said: “Myself and Hannah (Wares, Head of Customer Support) were having a discussion about how we could demonstrate to our customers who we are, our real personality, and show that we are real people – and not just ‘robots’ behind a computer screen, answering tickets all day.


He also shares valuable insight on how customers can construct the perfect support ticket, not only saving time, but ultimately speeding up the whole process, from raising a ticket, to resolution.


“For me, the key to a faster response and turnaround, is information.


“Without the basics, such as the product name, or products, that they experiencing issues with, as well as links, screenshots, or even utilising free screen video recording programs such as ‘Loom’, means more costly ‘touch points’ within the ticket process can be easily avoided.


It is ultimately these ‘touch points, that delay the resolution time not only for that customer, but helping the next, too.”


Benefits to customer support, wherever you are in the world


One of the things we pride ourselves at Infigo is our customer satisfaction rating, which is the best it’s ever been – setting us apart as having one of the best Support Teams in the industry.


Something that James points out during the session as a potential contributor to this satisfaction score, is our customers varied locations across the globe.


James said: “We have a huge USA customer base, for instance, so whilst we may not be readily available at the time of raising a ticket due to time differences, on the flip side, it means that we can begin working on a resolution whilst the customer has clocked-off themselves, or even gone to bed!


“Which adds to my previous point about why raising a ticket with as much information as possible is so crucial for a fast turnaround.


“Therefore, our UK and EU based customers enjoy the benefits of generally having us online at the same time as they are, whereas customers in other territories, such as the US, often find that they wake up to a resolution – so there really are pros and cons to both.”


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