White paper: Web-to-print for the corporate sector

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Managing the printed materials of any organisation can be a huge challenge, particularly if you are spread across multiple sites. Each department will have very different needs, requiring an assortment of printed collateral (from marketing materials to legal documents) on a regular basis. Your business needs a solution where employees can easily order a range of printed materials or documents without requiring constant checking from the marketing or legal teams.

In this white paper, we explain why web-to-print is an incredibly useful management tool for any business, where individuals have the freedom to order, and in some cases design a range of materials, while ensuring brand consistency and legal compliance.

Design, budget, order and monitor all your printed marketing materials in one platform

In this white paper, we discuss:


• How web-to-print can provide a central portal where staff, from any location, at any time, can access, customise and order marketing and stationery materials


• How with a web-to-print portal, you can ensure specific designs aspects are locked down, so only certain data can be altered


• How web-to-print has been proven to reduce production costs, saving your business significant expenditure at a time when strict financial management is critical


• How web-to-print allows you to manage users’ access and permissions depending on their role and hierarchy


Download our free white paper by simply completing the form and find out how web-to-print can give your business an overview of your printing performance, all from one platform.


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