White paper: The Gift of Time

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With web-to-print, customers take control of their print journey from the very start. They can upload their designs or use templates to order everything from wide format displays to personalised Christmas cards and boxes; all without any interaction from your team.



In this white paper; The Gift of Time, we explore why adopting an e-commerce strategy could help your print business have the happiest of holidays and give you a Christmas to remember

White paper: The Gift of Time

Why a fully automated workflow is the best present to find under the tree

The Infigo elves have been working extra hard this year to ensure you can implement an automated workflow that gives you back The Gift of Time, so you can focus on your
Christmas shopping, generate additional revenue, or complete other tasks you never get round to, but keep you up at night.


So, with web-to-print, your customers can track the progress of their order, with email updates confirming the order has been received, processed, completed and shipped – all without human intervention.


Download our white paper and find out how you can implement an automated workflow that:

Significantly reduces the manual touch points throughout the workflow – from ordering, to printing and shipping

Minimises waste and your impact on the environment

Integrates seamlessly with other platforms, hardware and processes so data is shared across the workflow

Eliminates costly errors that can occur when data is re-keyed manually in multiple systems

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