White paper: Secure recurring revenue with B2B portals

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Free e-guide available below – see how B2B portals can hugely benefit your clients’ businesses as well as your own

Studies show that B2B portals play a pivotal role in business growth. Not only do they help generate new business but also nurture existing relationships.

Print businesses that are able to create a portal for clients see a significant impact on their cash flow – once onboarded, these customers are less likely to shop around giving you repeat business and constant revenue.

By investing in web-to-print technology now, you can build individually branded and gated online storefronts, and offer a wider range of products to a more diverse range of sectors. Besides massively increasing the efficiency of the entire ordering, printing and shipping process for both you and your client, you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Download our free e-guide and boost your profit with B2B web-to-print portals

Web-to-print means you can offer a wider range of products and serve a more diverse range of sectors. Due to its customisation features and integration functionality, it’s simple to not only create bespoke storefronts, for very different types of clients, but to partner with other suppliers to widen the types of products you can offer.


In this e-guide, we discuss:


• What B2B portals/ storefronts are and how they can hugely benefit your clients’ businesses as well as your own


• How B2B web-to-print portals can help you strengthen relationships with your most profitable clients and secure recurring revenue


• The benefits of winning customers by offering web-to-print B2B portals


• What a web-to-print solution offers to print businesses targeting the B2B sector, including website design flexibility, user access control and single sign-on (SSO)


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