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The Voom Group, a general commercial printing company based in Texas, USA, was established in 2002 by husband and wife duo, Erich and Wendi Schlarb. The couple combined their expertise to create a full-service marketing company that offers “everything under the sun”.

This fusion of skills was the cornerstone of the company’s success, which has seen the business grow from a garage shop HQ, to a 15,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility in Plano, Texas, offering a diverse range of marketing services, including graphic design, various printing methods, direct mail, and more.

The problem

Despite steady growth, Erich and Wendi felt several issues were holding them back with their current workflow. These included:

• Inefficient order processing: The manual handling of orders was time-consuming, delayed production and ultimately impacted customer satisfaction.
• Production bottlenecks: Transitioning orders from customer service to production was laborious, impeding workflow efficiency.
• Resource imbalance: A growing proportion of front-office staff, compared to production workers, led to an unsustainable business model, especially given the company’s diverse workload.
• Technological limitations: Previous web-to-print solutions fell short, failing to address the unique Voom Group needs, leading to frustration and inefficiency.

How do we get orders into production faster?

Now acting as Voom Group CEO & Co-founder, Erich said: “We’re always investing in things for the future, but to me, more of it is being able to use that equipment more efficiently, being able to get orders into production faster and more efficiently.


“And we reached a point where we had more front office employees than we did production employees, just because the work we do is so diverse. So, we had to find ways to do that better and get jobs into production more efficiently.”


By establishing both Voom group’s specific technical requirements and long-term business objectives, Infigo was able to provide a tailored solution, integrating with Voom’s other systems and hardware.

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Using the Infigo platform, Voom Group have achieved:

• Seamless order management: Integrating existing systems automated the entire process from order placement to production, drastically reducing manual intervention.
• Customisation with ease: Infigo’s user-friendly interface allowed Voom Group to tailor the platform to their unique requirements without needing extensive coding knowledge.
• Streamlined workflows: The integration with printIQ and Enfocus Switch created a cohesive workflow, significantly lightening the load on the front office.
• Unparalleled support: Infigo’s proactive support and comprehensive resources, like the Infigo Academy, facilitated a smooth transition and ongoing operational ease.

“The holy grail” of print workflow

Erich said: “A customer can now place an order through the Infigo storefront, then our press will just turn itself on and start printing it - so we've fully automated everything, right through to pre-press. If a customer orders something on our website now, the pressman receives a ticket, and the job is off. Of course we can't always make things go that way, but being able to automate the processes that do fit that model, has really made a huge difference for us.”

"We've fully automated everything, right through to pre-press. If a customer orders something on our website now, the pressman receives a ticket, and the job is off."

Erich Schlarb, Founder & CEO - The Voom Group Inc.
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