Podcast: The PrintPod episode 4: Print Island with Richard Askam

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The PrintPod episode 4: Print Island with personalisation guru, Richard Askam 🏝️

In the latest episode of our industry’s most exciting and upcoming print podcast, The PrintPod, a forum in which we invite a range of guests to discuss anything and everything to do with the industry, we are joined by the influential creator of the ground-breaking ‘Share a Coke’ personalised marketing campaign, Richard Askam.

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Richard, who is no stranger of Infigo – having featured as a special guest speaker during our Web Connect+ community events, contributing and appearing at both of our attendances FESPA’s Personalisation Experience 2023 and 2024 (co-located with FESPA’s Global Print Expo and European Sign Expo), as well as welcoming Infigo Head of Global Marketing, Chris Minn and Infigo CEO & Founder, Douglas Gibson, to an episode of FESPA’s ‘Up Close and Personal‘ podcast.


Askam, who in addition to the above, is also a motivational speaker and Personalisation Experience Ambassador for FESPA, devised the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, where bottles were personalised with popular names, back in 2014, where his campaign saw sales increase in the US by 11%.


He then went on to repeat the trick with personalised marketing campaigns for brands such as Marmite, Nutella, Lynx and Dove.

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What is 'Print Island'

Richard’s most recent brainchild, Print Island, is a concept that was first coined in response to numerous attendances across the print industry over the years, whereby he found exhibition ‘regulars’ were almost shipwrecked “on a island in which they never leave, almost like an episode of Lost!” and he wanted to promote the fact that many new opportunities for success can ONLY be discovered if you leave this fictional island, in search of population elsewhere.


Richard said on the idea “I found very early on that many print industry professionals were fantastic at telling each other how great they are, but when it came to telling customers, brands or agencies, there was a gap in their communication, to which they didn’t really know how to bridge.


“I therefore dreamed up the ‘print island’ metaphor, where castaways can ‘build a raft’ to seek out opportunities elsewhere.”


Exploring personalisation within the gifting industry


Catching up with Chris in the PrintPod studio, Chris Minn, who chaired the session, also touched on a range of other important topics relating to personalisation within the print industry, as well as some of Richards other endeavours, including an upcoming project promoting renewable energy, through offshore wind farming at a new purpose-built education centre (made from reused shipping containers) in Grimsby, UK.


Richard also touches on his passion for exploring personalisation across the gifting industry, clarifying his position on the difference between ‘customisation’ (EG: printing a label that is then applied to a product) and ‘true personalisation’, whereby product packaging, such as a box of Jaffa Cakes, Toblerone/Kit-kat bar, or jar of Marmite, is completely personalised for the consumer.


See you in Düsseldorf, Drupa!


Also discussed is our next headline project between Infigo and Richard, which is set to be the long-awaited Drupa exhibition 2024, held from the Messe Düsseldorf, between May 28 – June 7th. As one of the print industries leading trade fairs for print technologies, the event has been previously twice postponed, in 2020 and 2021, due to the global pandemic.


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