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Keep Your Cool: The story behind Infigo’s ice bath wellness plunge

In this episode of The PrintPod, we interview Ben Davie – a physical and mental wellness coach, and founder of Keep Your Cool, who had the pleasure of dunking 18 members of the Infigo team into a cold water bath – at 6am on an April morning.

Ben Davie’s foray into the world of cold water immersion began after observing his mother’s routine of cold showers, a habit that piqued his curiosity and shaped his future.

It wasn’t until his first marathon preparation at the age of 21 that Ben truly embraced cold exposure, using a recycling bin filled with cold water. This practice, initially a means to aid physical recovery, gradually unfolded into a deeper exploration of cold water’s potential, both physically and mentally.

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For Ben, cold water immersion transcends physical wellness; it’s a gateway to mental clarity and resilience. He describes the transformational effect of cold exposure, not just in his personal life but also as a fitness coach.


Ben’s approach is holistic, focusing on making fitness and well-being accessible to all, from senior citizens to professional athletes. He is incredibly passionate about cold water therapy as it helps to foster resilience, confidence, and comfort, even in the face of uncertainty.

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A corporate plunge: Infigo’s ice bath workshop

A significant milestone in Ben’s journey was conducting an ice bath workshop for Infigo’s company event, marking his first foray into corporate wellness. This event wasn’t just about introducing the Infigo team to cold water immersion, but also about creating a shared experience that fostered team bonding and resilience.


The morning session began with preparation and mindfulness exercises, setting the stage for the participants to confront and embrace the cold.


A cold, collective experience


The collective experience of vulnerability, support, and accomplishment increased the team’s sense of camaraderie.


Ben said: “My goal for the session was to help energise everyone for the day. It was a conference over a couple of days, with everyone staying overnight. So naturally, a few of you had had a couple of drinks the night before, and it just helped to reset back.


“We got the energy and the clarity but it was great to see the togetherness as well.


“I think that’s because you saw your colleagues differently – and you celebrated each other as well, which was really great to see. You could see it from everyone – the togetherness and everyone supporting and rooting for each other, which was a really great dynamic.”


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