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Infigo launches brand new podcast; The PrintPod, to discuss and debate all elements of the print industry

From the challenges of the pandemic to the impact of runaway inflation and the implementation of AI – there’s been a lot to discuss in the print industry over the last few years.

At times it can seem a lot to keep up with. So we thought it would be prudent to launch a podcast where we invite a range of guests to discuss anything and everything to do with print.

Obviously, there will be an emphasis on our area of expertise (web-to-print, automation and workflow optimisation) but we want to hear as many diverse tales from the world of print as possible.

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Do you have a unique take on the world print?

Whether you want to come and record in our dedicated ‘PrintPod’ studio at Infigo HQ in West Sussex UK, invite us along for a live recording at your own shop or factory floor, or simply jump online for a friendly chat – we would love to hear from you.


We’re looking forward to a series of ‘feet-up’ discussions about anything and everything print-related. That could be the latest sustainability measures you’ve implemented, a philosophical debate on the future of print and the role of AI, or raising awareness for the latest team challenge/initiatives, where you’re raising money for a good cause.


Episode 1: #successfulwebtoprint OUT NOW on Spotify and YouTube 


In our first episode, Infigo Head of Global Marketing, Chris Minn, sits down for a cuppa (English for ‘cup of tea’ to our friends in North America) and a chat with Head of Customer Success, Greg Young, as he discusses his passion for helping print organisations achieve ‘#successfulwebtoprint’, and how that has become a mantra for him over the years.


He also discusses the new WeBuild storefront services being offered by Infigo, which enables users to have their own B2B storefronts up and running, quicker than ever before – without even lifting a finger.


Discussing the proposition on The PrintPod, Greg said: “WeBuild.. It’s something that we have been thinking about for quite a long time. We’ve got the team, we’ve got the skillset, and we’ve identified a need from our customers.


“Whether it’s new customers that are still going through their learning and education with Infigo, and they want to try and get ahead of the game, or our more seasoned customers, who maybe haven’t got the available skillset at the moment, or perhaps they just don’t have the capacity right now, and that their customer is pushing them for a hard deadline.


“We want to see physical orders coming through our storefronts and obviously hitting the presses as soon as possible.


“So, we’ve got the team of experts that are set up to deliver the services and deliver the storefront solution on their behalf.”


A passion for #successfulwebtoprint


Greg then goes on to discuss his passion for helping print organisations achieve ‘successful web-to-print’, a concept he has always underlined with the #successfulwebtoprint hashtag.


He tells Chris: “It started with a presentation I was delivering for HP back in 2018, delivering their web-to-print workshop at their graphics experience centre in Barcelona. The whole presentation was around how you can be successful with web-to-print, and what the benefits of web-to-print are, and what it brings to the business.


“I use it on all my posts on LinkedIn. I think it’s a very powerful statement. We see day in, day out, we’ve got customers that are incredibly successful with our platform; turning over millions and millions of pounds through the storefronts on an annual basis.


“And they’re the proof that this works. When you’ve got the right mindset, you’ve got the right vision for this, they’ve proven that it can be done.”


No factory floor or print workflow is the same


During the course of the episode Chris and Greg chat about how web-to-print can drive repeat business, why successful web-to-print is as much about cultural change (and getting buy in from ALL stakeholders) than technological change and how, despite visiting customers at hundreds of printshops over the years, he has never seen a replicated workflow.


He says: “Still to this day, it amazes me every time I go in, because everyone lays their factory out or shop out different to the previous one. And they’ll be very much different to the next one as well.


“So I like to go in and see with my own eyes, get a real feel for the business because when the main contact method at the moment is a video call or a telephone call or email, you don’t get the full feel of the organisation.”


Sharing ideas with the wider print community


Greg then goes on to say that this not only helps Infigo’s relationship with the individual customers, it helps share ideas with the wider print community.


He says: “It might be that I can see that they’ve got a bit of finishing equipment that could actually lend itself to a really good product that maybe another customer is excelling with and we can share success stories and we can say, did you know, you know Infigo can do this?


“Because a lot of the time actually they don’t know. I was on a call with a customer yesterday, one of our newer customers is just getting onboarded. And they said What we’ve learned with Infigo is it feels limitless.”


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