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Infigo will demonstrate the ability for converters to take print orders 24/7, from anywhere in the world, as the storefront partner for an entirely automated workflow at LabelExpo Europe 2023, on 11-14th September at the Brussels Expo Centre in Belgium.

During the demonstration, hosted by our partner HP (Stand: P100), attendees will see first-hand how a personalised beer label can be designed, ordered and paid for through an Infigo storefront before it is pre-flighted and proofed, placed into the workflow, printed and cut, with minimal human interaction (attendees will of course keep the bottle of beer it is printed on!).

Online ordering, digital printing, automated finishing

Powered by one of our trademark storefronts, and courtesy of Belgian beer gurus, Tony Beer, attendees will learn how users can edit and personalise their beer label, using our powerful browser-based editor. They will then see how payment can be submitted before the label is automatically proofed and submitted into the workflow, through our Connect: HYBRID module.

Users will then see the design produced on the HP Indigo 6k press before ABG Digijet expertly finishes the label.

Powerful integrations

In short, attendees will see how a range of hardware and software can be integrated, using a range of specially created APIs to sync data and significantly reduce manual touchpoints.

As data seamlessly syncs between the different platforms, converters can streamline the workflow, eliminate costly touchpoints, reduce overheads and speed up production. This also means that rekeying errors, and the potential for other manual mistakes are eliminated.

Customers will receive automated email updates when the order has been successfully received, processed and shipped. Again, this reduces the high number of emails and phone calls your team has to deal with, freeing up their time for more knowledge-based tasks.

Chris Minn, Head of Global Marketing for Infigo, said; “We are seeing significant growth in the label and packaging sectors for a number of reasons. However, as many converters know, while there is greater customer demand, the demand is for lower volumes.

“But again, the challenge is making these shorter runs more profitable as traditionally these types of jobs haven’t made financial sense. The exciting thing is, we are seeing both hardware and software in the labelling industry advancing at a staggering rate.

“And what’s even more exciting is the fact that we’re seeing greater collaboration, among software and hardware providers, than ever before. We’re always excited to demonstrate what the Infigo platform can do, however when attendees can see it as a part of an overall workflow, that’s when the penny drops – that they can effectively make money while they sleep.

“So we’re delighted to be chosen by HP to show how easily customers can submit orders, even with complicated designs, pay for it and feel secure in the knowledge that the design will be of a high quality due to automated pre-flighting and our 3D preview. I’m sure all the converters that see the Tony’s Beer automated workflow will drink to that.”

Competitive advantages of web-to-print

Paul Bromley, Head of Global Sales for Infigo, said: “There are many competitive advantages that can be gained by using the Infigo platform. However, the benefit that users get most excited by is the ability to integrate with a plethora of third-party software and hardware.

“So when our partners give us the opportunity to demonstrate a live workflow, where the data seamlessly syncs with other systems (whether that’s the converter’s platforms or their clients) we jump at the chance.

“We are seeing a shift in demand for shorter runs, tighter turnaround times, when the pressure on margins has never been greater. However, once attendees see the benefits of an automated workflow, you can literally see the light bulb switch on in their eyes.

Visit Infigo for handy beverage freebies 

Oh, and stop by Infigo Stand: 9A10 (next to HP) afterwards, for a selection of useful free accessories to accompany your newly personalised bottle of Tonys Beer.

For venue/travel information, or more information on how you can attend and visit the exhibition, you can find out more at the LabelExpo 2023 official website.

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