Blog: The age of AI

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Artificial Intelligence is all around us

Artificial Intelligence is no longer just theories and speculations, it’s no longer the future – it is happening this very moment, all around us, and in ways that we couldn’t have dreamed of as recently as 5 years ago. Many of us remain unaware of the interactions taking place between ourselves and AI every single day, be they in the workplace or part of our domesticated landscape. AI exists across a wide range of industries, at every level; from complex calculations and manipulations, to the more mundane aspects of our work and personal lives.

Research has shown that a surprising percentage of the public do not realise at all when they are interacting with artificial intelligence even on a regular basis.

At Infigo we recognise the positive impact of AI, especially in automation and workflow efficiencies, and the money saving and time saving opportunities that this creates. We have countless integrations that use AI in one way or another; of particular note is the Enfocus offering. Enfocus PitStop uses a bespoke AI script to interpret documents and not only proof-read copy, but also proof image quality, colour depth and many other crucial pre-press documents required checks. The time and workflow efficiencies that this offers allows for a complete, end-to-end automotive print process with zero need for human interaction, saving time, money and man hours.

AI, Personalisation and Print

Personalisation has been nothing short of revolutionary in the business world, with a large number of consumers willing to pay extra for the luxury of a personalised product. The power of AI has become very visible in the print industry. Infigo combines the two and demonstrating itself as a leader in what is now a print world driven by automation and user experience.

There is no lack of opportunity in every direction and those at the forefront of the print industry will need to continue to embrace automation, AI and the disruptive innovations these present in order to stay at the front of the pack.

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