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Print My Smile is a personalised gifting brand which offers posters, mugs, water bottles, notebooks, clothing and accessories – and has been an Infigo customer since its inception.

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The problem

Putting a name and photo on a piece of print is nothing new, and the choice of personalised gifts available is vast. Print My Smile wanted a provider that could bring their ideas to life and help them stand out from the crowd. Despite being a small start-up company, Print My Smile needed a storefront that provided an excellent customer experience and brought customers back again and again. With a small team, automating large parts of the production process was also highly important. Suzanne Rouart, founding partner of Print My Smile, says: “Differentiating ourselves and building loyalty with customers, to become their number one, all comes down to the user experience and the quality of the product.”

Automation reduces the need for additional staff

Suzanne says that Infigo’s MIS integration with HP’s SiteFlow has been invaluable in automating significant aspects of the production process.


The integration means orders and artwork are sent directly to Print My Smile’s printing partner without any human interaction.
Suzanne says: “It is a two-way integration that also enables automated shipping confirmation with the customer. This makes it a very efficient operation that requires very little staff input, apart from the usual customer service and business management.


“The Infigo solution has enabled us, as a small business, to look like a professional big-hitter that delivers an engaging customer experience.”

3D preview delivers the wow factor

As well as providing a seamless production process, Suzanne says that there is a further piece of functionality which gives Print My Smile the edge over other competitors. She says: “My favourite part of the Infigo platform is probably the 3D preview, as it makes the customer experience really engaging and interactive. Infigo’s solution has enabled us, as a small business, to look like a professional operation that delivers an engaging customer experience.

"Investment in a web-to-print solution that delivers a seamless customer experience and streamlines order processes is vital for remaining competitive and protecting business continuity"

Suzanne Rouart, Founding Partner - Print My Smile
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