Event: Personalisation Experience Conference, 23-26th May 2023

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Infigo takes to mainstage at the Personalisation Experience conference 2023, Stand: A52, Hall A3, co-located with FESPA’s Global Print Expo and European Sign Expo, to discuss the emotional power of personalisation for brands.

Infigo will demonstrate how brands and agencies can create emotional engagement at scale at the first ever Personalisation Experience conference, being held at the Messe Munich, Germany.

The event, which is part of FESPA’s Global Print Expo 2023 and European Sign Expo 2023, held between May 23-26, will feature 100+ exhibitors and 50+ influencers showcasing their services and sharing their expertise on how personalisation can be used in print.

Not only will Infigo be on hand at Stand: A52, Hall A3 (opposite the Personalisation Application and VIP Print areas) to demonstrate how our platform can enable you to achieve personalisation at scale but Infigo CEO & Founder, Douglas Gibson and Head of Global Marketing, Chris Minn, will be taking to the mainstage to deliver presentations on how technology can enable brands to create greater connections with their audience through personalisation.

Chairing the Personalisation Experience is the influential creator of the ground-breaking “Share a Coke” personalised marketing campaign, Richard Askam, who is no stranger of Infigo – having featured at a recent Web Connect+ webinar as special guest speaker and welcoming Chris and Doug to an episode of FESPA’s ‘Up Close and Personal‘ podcast.

The event will consist of game-changing senior figures from retailers, consumer brands (cosmetics, breweries/distiller’s, sportswear, hospitality and more), creative advertising agencies, prominent academics, as well as visionary leaders from the web-to-print and wider technology fields.

Douglas Gibson said: “This is going to be a massive event for both us and the industry. It’s the first time we’ve been invited to speak at a FESPA event and we’re thrilled that it’s the first conference dedicated solely to the power of personalisation.

“Obviously this is something we have been banging the drum about for a long time. So we can’t wait to drive the personalisation discussion with industry experts, such as our friend Richard Askam.”

Douglas continued: “By hosting so many leaders from so many different fields’ just shows how important personalisation is in building a connection with your customers and prospects. I think attendees will be blown away by what can be achieved with our platform, regardless of their sector.

“Often people think that personalisation is purely about including a customer’s name in a marketing brochure. However, the technology and possibilities have massively moved on.

“For example, car retailers can now send out a brochure that includes an image of the latest model with the customer’s existing number plate on. We have children’s book publishers where your child can be the main character in the story.

“The fact is, the technology is available to personalise any surface – from a bank statement, to a pen to a book or a t-shirt – and the data shows that the higher level of personalisation you can offer, the ‘stickier’ you become. Just look at the way we keep going back to Amazon, with personalised offers, automated email updates, all packaged within an easy-to-use interface.

Just look at the way we keep going back to Amazon – personalised offers, automated email updates and an easy-to-use interface.

“And this level of customer retention can all be achieved with print, at margins that make each job profitable. So we can’t wait to explain to attendees not only the technology we provide but also the growth strategies that have seen our clients flourish during the pandemic.”

Chris Minn added: “We’ve been aware of the psychology behind personalisation and the impact it can have for decades. We’ve seen the digital sector run with it, from personalised offers to personalised web pages.

“However, now we’re seeing how that emotional engagement can be achieved through packaging, even for the smallest brands. We’re seeing the same emotional attachment now with packaging on pet products, for example – where you can order packaging with your pet’s name and picture on it. We’re seeing small, independent coffee shops selling their own branded coffee.

“We’ve definitely seen a switch to high volume individual orders, and we can’t wait to share how our technology can make those jobs profitable.”

As well as hearing Douglas and Chris’ addresses on the mainstage, attendees will also have the opportunity to see the platform in action at Infigo Stand: A52, Hall A3, opposite the Personalisation Application and VIP Print areas.

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