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Our meet the team collection introduces different members of the Infigo team in a slightly different light, to show a side to them that you’ve most likely never seen before. This time is the turn of QA Engineer, Moldova,  Alina Ataman – who shares a few of her creature comforts, out of hour activities, and some insights into what makes her tick.


QA Lead


Chisinau, Moldova

Length of service

6 years

Currently listening to

Irina Rimes – Acasa

What’s your biggest achievement in the last 2 years? 

One of the biggest achievements for me was definitely to progress with automation testing, as I was given the chance to manage and improve processes, to test my limits, to learn new things and my team was a key factor in helping me.

Also in the last 2 years, I really feel like my management/leadership skills have improved. Together, along with my colleagues, we have managed to create a stable testing process with a quality end product.

What’s your favourite food? 

This is a hard one for me, because really I like to eat (who doesn’t?). I guess I will give first place to traditional Moldovan food, second to pizza and third, pasta.

What are your hobbies?

One of my favorites would be hiking.

What can’t you live without?

Family, friends and music festivals.

What do you enjoy most about working for Infigo? 

The team – without doubt. The ‘Infigo Family’.

I am so fortunate to always have amazing people around me, who I’m always learning new things from.

Also the projects we work on – they’re always complex, interesting, challenging and with innovative solutions.

The continual goal of the company to grow makes being a QA a dream role.

Tell us a bit about yourself, in your own words? 

My name is Alina and on 1st February, I celebrated 6 years at Infigo – crazy isn’t it? How time flies.

I cannot believe how much I have learned and progressed in that time, and I always feel lucky and grateful to be a part of the Infigo Family.

To describe me in a few words.. I am that person that likes to make everyone in the office laugh, that enjoys living life to its fullest and that adores her job.

Tell us a fun fact not many people know about you 

There are 2 weird ones.. the first is that I don’t like chocolate and the second is that I like to eat raw peeled potatoes (with some salt on them.. yum). My mum actually used to have to hide them from me when cooking when I was little.

I can also speak/understand multiple languages, including Romanian, Ukrainian, Spanish and Russian.

Why would you recommend Infigo to potential customers? 

Infigo is a really versatile solution that provides innovative and quality products.

What is your dream holiday location?

Ireland, it’s on my top places to visit.

On the weekends, we will most likely find you..

Not at home for sure, as I really like interaction and meeting new people. So most likely I will be out with my friends or family, or traveling. I also enjoy going to the theatre.

On a beach or up a mountain? 

Mountain for sure, I am an active person, so a mountain is the perfect place to recharge my batteries – nature, the view and the fresh air makes me feel great.


We hope you enjoyed our meet the team feature. Stay tuned for future additions, when we will be shining the spotlight on another member of the Infigo team.

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