Blog: Infigo’s New Year’s Resolutions 2021

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With a new year, also comes a fresh start and infinite possibilities. So to keep with tradition, we created our very own list of Infigo’s New Year’s Resolutions. Our goal has always been to provide customers with innovative, state-of-the-art solutions that will help streamline processes and increase profitability – and with last year’s unprecedented circumstances still ringing true into 2021, for customers to achieve those targets couldn’t any more relevant.

With this in mind, we’d like to share some of our main goals for the year ahead:


1. To provide tools and resources that make it even easier for businesses to have a strong online presence

To allow businesses to create their own branded websites, without the need to be a web developer, our team have been working on a new content management module. With Infigo CMS+, you will be able to effortlessly build a new website from scratch, including home page and product pages through to your static content pages such as about us and FAQs, and even customer notification emails, with the help of easy-to-use templates. Simply create your customised webpage layout by choosing from a range of options, and then style and enrich it with your own text and imagery.


2. To develop new features that reduce the amount of time spent on setting up products to your storefronts

Our market-leading and intuitive editing tools allow businesses to join in supplying the demand for personalised products online. With our upcoming InDesign Plugin, customers will be able to quickly set up new products and design templates on their online storefronts by simply importing elements from an InDesign file, including text, fonts, canvas, as well as template logic and much more.


3. To improve the visibility of sales figures and performance, via new dashboards and updated reports

With our newly improved reporting module, customers will be able to quickly identify relevant sales figures and performance information in a clear and concise way. Infigo Insights will be offered in three tiered plan options, starting with an out-of-the-box version, which will be available to all existing and new customers, with further two upgradeable options available for businesses that would like full access and more control of their data.


4. To strengthen partnerships with other industry-leading providers, offering customers a fully integrated web-to-print solution

We will be adding the first tick next to this resolution with a webinar. Our CEO Douglas Gibson welcomes James Owen, from Trustpilot, who will share the advantages of displaying genuine customer reviews online and how it can positively impact customers’ purchase decisions and, in turn, your business’ revenue.

We also will continue working closely with MIS provider printIQ. Our integration already offers great advantages, including the ability to send orders directly from an Infigo online storefront to production with minimum human integration via automated workflows set up in printIQ, shipping updates transferred automatically between systems, and live pricing estimation and quote generation; our team are now further developing our integration to allow for bespoke quoting on-request, operation mapping and stock updates.


5. To introduce our Infigo team to our partners, customers and colleagues

Each month, we are introducing a member of the Infigo family to show a side you’ve most likely never seen before. We’ll be sharing some of their creature comforts, out of hour activities and insights into what makes them tick. You can find these features at our blog section and we look forward to shining the spotlight on different members from various departments within our business.


6. To welcome guests to our new West Sussex HQ

We ended the year with a change in scenery, having moved to our new home in the village of Lindfield, West Sussex, England. We’ve been breaking out our decorating expertise and look forward to welcoming our colleagues, customers and partners to the new space in 2021.


If you’d like to know more information about any of our development works or to request our webinar’s recording, please contact our team for a free 1-on-1 demo



We wish you all a wonderful 2021 – let’s make it a great one, together!