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Infigo’s partnership with Zaikio will enable PSPs to create tailored automated workflows.

Zaikio is a cloud-based data and app platform for the print industry. Operating from Mainz, Germany, Zaikio’s mission is to enable universal connectivity across all hardware and software.

Not only will the collaboration further increase the range of platforms that Infigo can integrate with, it also means we can supercharge our support capabilities. The foundations of the partnership were formed when Chris Minn, Head of Global Marketing here at Infigo, was voted on to the print industry body IPIA.

There, Chris was introduced to Karl Ciz, Partner Success for Zaikio, who bonded over their desire to help PSPs from all verticals, to automate and digitize their systems.

Chris Minn said: “Through our partnership with Zaikio, we at Infigo reaffirm our commitment not merely to sell web-to-print software but to provide superior workflow solutions.

“We believe in enabling our customers to maximise their revenue within an automated workflow, which necessitates leading-edge connectivity. Zaikio is an exemplar in this respect, embodying the essence of connection within the print industry.

“Zaikio really is a one stop shop for PSPs and will help our customers to experiment with new products and services and diversify their revenue streams.

“Our excitement knows no bounds as we back Zaikio in its visionary quest to amalgamate and expand markets.”

Paul Bromley, Head of Global Sales for Infigo, said: “Infigo are proud to announce our partnership with Zaikio. This aligns with our business strategy of once again leading the way in having best in class solutions with a huge focus on integration. Customers have often said that our range of connectivity and capability is part of the hidden secrets within Infigo and I would certainly agree with this comment.

“Integration and connectivity has always sat at the core of our company ethos and the Zaikio platform matches our vision: to provide bleeding edge solutions, harness automation and simplify the workflow, which is something our industry is now starting to embrace.

“Businesses are looking for support and advice when making their business future ready and Infigo are striving to meet these challenges head on.

“I am really looking forward to the coming months, where we will open up and share our rich array of connectivity starting right here with the Zaikio partnership.

“We can’t wait to get started and welcome this opportunity to work with Zaikio and their fantastic team.”

Karl Ciz, Partner Success for Zaikio, said: “Hardly any other industry has changed so massively in recent years as the printing industry. New printing processes, new sales channels, new ways of working: No printing company today is like any other. Software is increasingly becoming a driver for unique selling points and more efficient processes.

“We have made it our mission to develop workflows in the printing industry that allows all participants to communicate with each other on a level playing field. Our partnership with Infigo is the next step towards universal connectivity of the printing industry.

“Democratic cooperation is our top priority, both as a team and in collaboration with our customers and partners. The opportunity to add Infigo to our list of trusted partners was too good an opportunity to pass up.

“We can’t wait to get started on development projects with Infigo to see how we can help even more print shops automate and diversify.”

In the coming weeks, Infigo will be working closely with the Zaikio team, so look out for news on the upcoming collaboration soon.

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