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Infigo gives development capabilities a boost with Moldovan expansion

Infigo’s success over the last decade has been largely down to our amazing development team in Moldova. Beginning as just a two-person team in 2016, Infigo Moldova took up residence in Moldova’s IT Park, in the country’s capital of Chișinău, two years later.

Fast forward seven years and the team is now 22 strong, with the Moldovan office being at the centre of every project Infigo has taken on – from providing wider support coverage around the global clock to building, quality assurance and testing.

Moving on up

However, with the growth in client base, the development of new products and modules and larger projects, the team has outgrown its current office. So we are delighted to announce that the Moldovan team has now moved into a more modern and spacious accommodation in Petricani Street, Chișinău – which is approximately 5km from the old location and still within the capital.

Roman Gherman, Head of Development at Infigo Moldova, said that the new offices provided a number of benefits, which will make it easier to expand the development team.

Expansion of the development team

Infigo’s (not so) secret weapon: The Moldovan Development Team

He said: “We are a growing team and have aspirations to grow even more. To keep up with client demand, we are aiming to expand the team to 40+ over the next few years, but there was physically no more space in the previous office, and we couldn’t have hired anyone else as we simply had nowhere to put them!

“Because there were so many of us in there, the air conditioning wasn’t able to cool the office properly, and when it did, people would complain that the ventilation system was blowing right onto them.

“So, despite the many fond memories, it was simply no longer fit for purpose, and we knew that it was time to move on.”

A modern office will attract top-tech talent

As well as being more spacious (and this time with state-of-the-art air-conditioning), Roman said the new premises have a number of other benefits.

“It is a much more modern office, with big windows that let in lots of natural light. There are a lot more dedicated car parking spaces, which was always a problem before, and we now have everything we need on our doorstep, such as a pharmacy, a supermarket, banks and even an auto-service so, if necessary we can have our cars repaired or serviced whilst we work.

“There is also a great restaurant nearby that serves healthy ‘home-style’ cooking, so we have everything we need to keep us productive in the office”, he said.

While the existing team is delighted with their new surroundings, Roman said the office also provides a great recruitment tool, which will help Infigo attract the best tech talent in Moldova.

He said: “The majority of tech companies here in Moldova have spacious, modern offices, so we have to provide only the best working environments if we want to compete in the talent market. I think we achieved that (and more) with the new office.”

You can visit our dedicated blog article if you would like to find out more about the Moldovan Infigo team.

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