Webinar: Infigo launches dedicated plugin with MIS partners printIQ

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Infigo celebrates long-term partnership with print MIS experts, printIQ, with a dedicated integration, Connect: printIQ, and will be sharing its many benefits during two in-depth webinars for its respective UK, EU and US customers.


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We chaired two in-depth webinars for our respective UK, EU and US customers on Wednesday 30th January 2024. This recording was from the second session, intended for our USA demographic.


Featuring Infigo Technical Operations Director, Alex Bowell, Head of Global Sales, Paul Bromley and Head of Global Marketing, Christopher Minn, joined by printIQ Technical Integration Specialist, Paul van Tongeren and UK Marketing Manager, David McGuiness, the experts from both Infigo and printIQ stayed on to answer any questions that attendees had.


Special guest speaker, Erich Schlarb, Founder & CEO of The Voom Group was also in attendance to discuss his first-hand experiences using the integration.

Connect: printIQ

Through the Connect: printIQ integration, GCPs can streamline the entire print workflow – from taking online orders, all the way through to production management.


Orders placed through Infigo’s web-to-print platform, which utilises powerful browser-based editing tools, seamlessly flow into printIQ’s cloud-based system, ensuring a smooth transition from customer interaction, to print job execution.


One of the main advantages of the integration is the elimination of manual data entry – this limits the potential for re-keying errors, that can cost your business money and slow down production.


Customer orders, design specifications, and other relevant details are automatically transferred from Infigo to printIQ, reducing manual touchpoints and making the workflow more efficient.


360° view of your workflow


Through the integration, the entire print workflow becomes more transparent and traceable. Print operators can easily access order details, track production progress, and manage resources effectively.


This end-to-end visibility enables users to manage resources more accurately, providing better forecasting, so you can make critical business decisions, based on hard data.


From the customers’ perspective, they get a smooth, intuitive design and ordering process, all thanks to the Infigo platform.


However, by integrating with printIQ, customers get real-time quotes as well as production and delivery timelines – with automated, branded emails sent through Infigo, so you don’t have to respond to emails or phone calls, updating customers on the progress of their job.


For existing printIQ users, who are thinking of upgrading their existing web-to-print platform to Infigo’s, they can effortlessly sync their complete product directory, into an Infigo storefront.


We are also delighted that Erich Schlarb, Founder & CEO of The Voom Group Inc, will be in attendance, to not only discuss his personal experiences of the Infigo web-to-print solution, but share first-hand examples of how his own processes have improved when integrated with Connect: printIQ.


Erich said on the integration: “It’s hard to even describe for people that don’t understand, just how powerful the integration is.


For example, just the other day we noticed that an order was placed in the morning at one price, then later in the day, the same item was ordered again, but at a different price.


Was something wrong? No.


In fact, the wholesale cost of materials had changed in between. So printIQ had automatically adjusted our inventory, and the Infigo platform applied the new price for the 50+ products that uses it, all without lifting a finger.”


Benefits of the printIQ integration


• Sync your complete product catalogue directly into your Infigo storefront, saving you time and effort.

• Modernise and simplify the setup process, creating beautiful online storefronts – simply, and allow customers to order both variable print on demand and stock items 24/7.

• Fetch live stock levels from printIQ and display them to your customers during the ordering process on your Infigo storefront as well as in your printIQ dashboard.

• Use printIQ’s powerful quoting engine to estimate the price of jobs (factoring in the material costs, the machine costs, the labour costs)

• Show real-time pricing to the customer before they buy, all managed from one place – no more double-data entry.

• Whether it’s static print-on-demand products or advanced variable MegaEdit products, the Connect: printIQ integration in has you covered.

• Push orders into printIQ so they can be prepped and scheduled into your production workflows effortlessly.

• Track jobs with ease, using production boards to display jobs in a friendly customisable format and speed up job checks, and even locate where a job is in the printing process.

• Keep your customers up-to-date on shipping information with status updates (printIQ > Infigo > customer)

• The Infigo Connect: printIQ plug-in bridges the gap, creating a unified, efficient, and profitable printing ecosystem.


Open up your business thanks to the printIQ MIS and Infigo storefonts


Infigo Head of Global Sales, Paul Bromley, said: “There is a longstanding history between Infigo and printIQ. IQ have been pushing the boundaries of  print MIS for more than 18 years. Likewise, Infigo are always innovating and redefining the rules of print e-commerce.


“Over the last decade, the two organisations have often worked together, both on implementation projects for clients and with ground-breaking demonstrations at trade shows.


“From first-hand experience, having previously worked for printIQ, I can vouch for the fact that there is a great relationship, both strategically and technically, between the two organisations.


“So we are delighted to officially launch the Connect: printIQ plug-in, which is proving to be a real game changer for those that are already using it. Not only does it significantly reduce production costs, but the combined data from both platforms provides valuable insights into customer behaviour, order trends, and production performance.


“Print shop owners can leverage this information to make informed business decisions, identify growth opportunities, and fine-tune their operational strategies.”


For a more in-depth look into this exciting new integration, join us on Wednesday 30th January 2024.


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