Webinar: Infigo and printIQ, 6th September 2022

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Printers will learn how to reduce costs, improve productivity, and target new revenue opportunities through powerful web-to-print integrations, in an exclusive webinar hosted b Infigo and printIQ.

On 6th September, at 3pm BST, experts from Infigo and printIQ will demonstrate how orders can be taken online, through an Infigo storefront and synced into the production workflow with printIQ.

During the webinar, entitled “How to achieve print automation with powerful integrations”, attendees will see how easily assets can be uploaded and edited in the Infigo storefront. They will then see how a dedicated API with printIQ provides a real time quote to customers and a seamless automated production workflow for printers.

Spaces are limited so attendees are advised to book their space in advance. Those who attend the live session will also qualify for an exclusive offer for both platforms, which is not available anywhere else.

During this session you will learn:

  • How customers can place orders and edit designs through the Infigo platform, eliminating time consuming email and phone conversations between designers and the client
  • How you can easily launch and test new products
  • How printIQ’s cloud-based system gives print managers complete oversight of the workflow, so they can maintain continuity between stock suppliers, internal shop floor, right through to outscoring
  • Users can log in to the cloud-based system anywhere in the world, track jobs online and manage entire projects remotely – from estimating all the way through to invoicing.

Antonia Fagan, Partnership Growth Manager for Infigo, says: “Where our users have really had success with print e-commerce is by creating a seamless eco-system by integrating different systems. We have had a strong partnership with printIQ for many years, partly because it’s one of the best MIS platforms out there.

“This webinar will give printers a unique insight into how the two platforms work together, how exactly the integration can revolutionise your print business and the different ways it can help to reduce wastage, improve sustainability and increase revenue.”

Paul Bromley, Global Sales Director for printIQ, says: “The events of the last few years have shown how essential it is for printers to be able to take orders online and manage production remotely.

“The world of e-commerce and digital production is moving at an incredible pace, so printers are often surprised at what is possible when these powerful platforms are integrated.

“In this session printers will learn how to massively improve operation efficiency – from increasing quote response rate to reducing production errors.”

As well as seeing exactly how the platforms work together attendees will also have the opportunity to ask our experts anything about print e-commerce, from high level strategy to specific technical queries. To ensure you don’t miss out, save your space now.

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During this webinar, experts from both Infigo and printIQ demonstrated how orders can be taken online, through an Infigo storefront and synced into the production workflow with printIQ. Not only was an exclusive new development, made in partnership with printIQ showcased, but participants also took part in a live Q&A session

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