Event: Fujifilm Packaging Open House, UK, 12-15th February 2024

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We’re attending Fujifilm’s Packaging Open House event, held between 12-15th February 2024.

Infigo will demonstrate how packaging converters can create brand-new revenue streams, maximise profit margins on short production runs and automate sales at the four-day Fujifilm Packaging Open House event, held from Fujifilm’s beta testing site, between 12-15th February.

The free event will enable attendees to learn how to easily create online storefronts that integrate with your production workflow and automate time-consuming manual tasks.

Watch the highlights

We had a fantastic time networking with other like-minded industry professionals at Fujilm’s Packaging Open House event, held from their UK beta testing site at Eco Flexibles, in Northampton. During the event, our team were treated to a sneak-peek at some of their latest technologies, such as the Jet Press FP790, FLENEX water-washable Flexo plates, LuXtreme LED Curing systems and more.


Whilst on site, Infigo Head of Global Sales, Paul Bromley, and Senior SaaS Sales Executive, Edward Carney, also teamed up with HYBRID Software’s UK & Global Accounts Sales Manager, Paul Bates, and CLOUDFLOW Product Manager, Thomas Elton, to demonstrate the seamless integration of online storefronts with production workflows.

Partnership and integrations, the key to successful web-to-pack

As well as demonstrating the standalone benefits of the Infigo platform, which allows users to quickly create and populate branded storefronts, even with limited design experience, we will show how it can be integrated with other hardware, such as the Fujifilm Jet Press  FP790, print MIS and other pre-press software, to sync data and eliminate costly manual touchpoints.


Paul Bromley, Head of Global Sales for Infigo, said that it was a pleasure to appear at Fujifilm’s Packaging Open House event, along with some of our other workflow partners. Paul said: “We are seeing more demand for shorter runs and personalised products. Traditionally, these types of jobs wouldn’t make financial sense.


“However, the technology now exists so these jobs can be batched together and utilise variable data, so smaller batches or one-offs can be created at the same price as larger runs. As we describe it, the industry is now about being able to create 1 million variations of a similar job as cost effectively as 1 million copies of the same product.”


Customers now expect the Amazon experience


Paul also said that as well as technology being used by packaging converters to reduce overheads and increase profitability, customers now expect an Amazon-like experience whether they are buying print or groceries.


Paul continued: “The packaging customer base is increasingly getting younger – we are now seeing more customers who have grown up with the internet. So when ordering pouches, for example, they expect to be able to design their own products, order and pay with no human interaction.


“If there is a problem with their design, they want to know about it whilst they are uploading their artwork, not the day afterwards. They want an email to confirm that the job has been received and shipped.


“But from the converters point of view, all this can be automated by integrating with hardware, such as the Jet Press FP790, and with other platforms such as the converters CRM and MIS.”


An entirely automated workflow


During the event, we will show how a design can be submitted through a trademark Fujifilm branded Infigo storefront, checked for a range of pre-press issues through our integration with our MIS partner HYBRID Software, and then sent through to the Fujifilm Jet Press FP790, in a real-world scenario.


The event will also feature a demonstration by Europe’s first official Jet Press FP790 customer, who will share their experiences working with the press, details of their wider partnership with Fujifilm, and show the machine in action.


However, we will also demonstrate how an MIS partnership is integral to a fully automated workflow.


Paul said: “Through this integration users will see how they can increase speed-to-press, process more orders in less time, completely automate repeat orders and reduce costly rekeying errors. It’s a better all-round experience for the customer and more profitable for our users.”

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