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We’re releasing several new updates to our ground-breaking InDesign plugin, Invent, which will give users even greater design flexibility than ever before.

The module, which has had significant uptake from Infigo’s print partners since its launch two years ago, combines the design flexibility of InDesign with the functionality of end-to-end web-to-print.

The integration gives Infigo users greater design capabilities, particularly for dynamic products, while slashing the time it takes to create and migrate PDF templates by up to 80%.

A game changer for the industry

Infigo Technical Operations Director, Alex Bowell, said that customers had described the Invent module as a “game changer” for creating and finalising new designs, which resulted in huge demand from the industry.

He said, “When we first launched the Invent plugin, we saw unprecedented demand due to the module’s unrivalled functionality and flexibility. After all, InDesign is the premier design tool for the design and printing industry, so we knew it would be a huge success.

“It has given users greater design capabilities, particularly for dynamic products while slashing the time it takes to create and migrate PDF templates by up to 80%.

“This has enabled our customers can create and test new products quicker than ever before.

“Rather than building out a template in the browser from scratch, you can create it in InDesign and import seamlessly to your Infigo storefront. In short it allows you to control settings and features for your design template, directly from InDesign.

“This includes variable text fonts and colours, restrictions on element position, generation of forms, and much more.”

The next generation

While the first iteration took 18 months of developing and testing, it was always the plan to upgrade and improve the module, based on user’s feedback.

Alex said: “We’re not ones to sit back and we are constantly refining the Infigo platform. So two years after launching the Invent module we’re excited to be working on upgrades which are set to disrupt the industry further.”

Some of the upcoming upgrades will include:

• Support of barcode fields – which includes script updates and native support of QR if possible
• Support for dynamic size and positioning – which includes dynamic position/size options, alignment and resizing

A roadmap for the future 

The innovation doesn’t stop there, however. With plans for more exciting updates already in the works, users can expect additional improvements in the near future.

Some of these additional features will include:

• Enhanced support of layouts – which includes layout source, layouts based on layers, layouts based on pages, layouts based on master pages, layout usage, switchable layers, actual layouts, additional control page range (single or multi-use) manual usage and scripting
• Layer handling – this includes a separate UI to show a list of pages and for each page, a list of layers with their names

Increasing demand for the Invent plugin

While existing Invent users will be able to install the upgraded module and begin using it immediately, Alex said Infigo was expecting significant uptake from new customers.

He said, “We knew it would be a successful module, as it was something our existing users had been requesting for a while. However, we were slightly taken aback by the surge in interest from print businesses that we hadn’t been in contact with before.

“Therefore, we expect to see a surge in demand from new customers. However, our development and customer success teams are prepared for this to enable as many new and existing customers as possible to hit the ground running.

“In short, we’re dedicated to helping print businesses reduce costs, streamline their processes and take advantage of new revenue streams, which simply isn’t possible with a lot of other web-to-print platforms.”

Speak to one of our experts now to discover more about how the Invent plugin could help your print business massively improve its efficiency.

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