Ensuring your print business runs at optimal efficiency has never been as important as it is now. As we all adapt to the repercussions of the coronavirus outbreak, managing costs and getting the best out of your staff and resources is essential to the future of your printing operation. A highly effective way of streamlining […]

We are proud to announce further enhancements to our partnership with leading MIS and MWS (Management Workflow System) provider printIQ – offering greater flexibility, efficiency and cost savings to our customers. With pressure on print facilities to create diversified revenue streams and improve productivity, we are committed to building partnerships that enables clients to fully digitalise […]

As the economy slowly awakens, following enforced lockdowns, businesses in all sectors are evaluating how they will move forward. The way customers find and want to deal with companies has changed and businesses are quickly realising that their operation models must follow suit. For the printing industry, three trends have become very clear: (1) the […]

We’re sure we’re not the first business to say that 2020 hasn’t exactly panned out how we expected. However, when you’re regularly talking about how cloud-based software can ensure your business continues to operate, even when you’re working remotely or during a crisis, you have to put your money where your mouth is. Once lockdown […]

Blog: Successful web-to-print

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‘The other 360 days are full of sunshine’ said Pablo Cubillas, Spain-based Infigo Development Manager, jokingly, as he made light of the horrendous weather battering parts of the country. This came about as our Customer Success Director, Greg Young, ventured back to Barcelona airport after another worthwhile, educational and insightful trip to the Indigo Academy, […]

Blog: Keep calm and keep selling

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Why it can be catastrophic for your business to reduce marketing activity during an economic downturn There’s no denying that businesses of all sizes are facing a period of huge uncertainty. As a society, we are facing unprecedented challenges. Undoubtedly, as a business owner, you will have a lot on your mind at the moment. […]

Blog: Uberizing print

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Your customers can track their pizza delivery, but can they track their print job? If the answer is ‘no’ it’s time to uberize your print. Since we launched in 2010, we’ve seen an unprecedented rate of change in demand for our services. The web-to-print market that we originally established ourselves in, has evolved from a mere, […]

Imagine a world where your suitcase was as individual as you are. Not only that, but every other person’s suitcase was individual to them, too. The airport luggage carousels would be a breeze and lost luggage would easily be returnable to the right individual. Well this needn’t be an imagined scenario anymore. Mass customisation is […]