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Infigo’s partnership with Significans Automation sets printers up for web-to-print success

We have reinforced our commitment to helping printers, label and packaging manufacturers significantly reduce costs and waste by partnering with Significans Automation.

Based in Onatario Canada, Significans has built an enviable reputation for helping printers develop innovative custom workflows, as well as optimising communication and project management, by tying together existing software and recommending additional platforms.

By identifying processes that can be streamlined and automated, and providing the programming expertise to achieve this, Significans Automation has achieved printers optimise productivity.

Marc Raad, president of Significans Automation, said: “While upholding software neutrality, Significans Automation advises and tailors best in class software to optimally fit the environment. Infigo has deservedly grown its reputation over the last decade for developing a market leading platform, not just in web-to-print but also in the overall e-commerce space.

“Part of that well-deserved reputation is down to the integration capabilities. With dedicated plugins with some of our existing software partners, such as Enfocus, it seemed a no-brainer to create a formal partnership.”

Antonia Fagan, Partnership Growth Manager here at Infigo, said that Significans Automation shared the values that drive innovation at Infigo.

She said: “Industry 4.0 has created the need and focus on automation and interconnectivity. Helping printers significantly increase their ability to take and process orders, with minimal touchpoints is the goal for both organisations.

“Our clients and prospects come to us because our software can help resolve unproductive processes and integrate into custom automated workflows y syncing with a  variety of systems – from pre-press to CRM and shipping. This obviously helps reduce costs and improve profitability, and creates brand new revenue opportunities for printers through e-commerce.

“Our partnership with Significans is and will help both our customers achieve this and much more with the complete turnkey solution.”

With both Significans and Infigo’s proven track record in helping print companies reduce aspects of the workflow from hours to minutes, if not seconds, clients can expect to significantly improve the profitability of each print run.

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