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Talient Action Group (TAG), are a commercial printing company based in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. Other organisations which operate under the same umbrella are key players from a range of industries, such as wedü: Marketing & Growth Agency and Granite River Studios.

TAG provide unique marketing communications, focused on combining the power of print with digital. Their custom developed programs provide the integration of technology and print, including smarter tools for B2B and B2C companies, retail operations, professional service firms, and more.

The goal

Talient Action Groups goal was to provide new websites for its customers, with as few human touch points as possible in the print workflow.

Attended by TAG Digital Services Manager, Marc Forest, Infigo Head of Global Marketing, Chris Minn, chaired a virtual customer case study, and was keen to know more about Talient Action Groups existing workflow, which include:

• The benefits of a print MIS: Talient Action Group are set-up with our dedicated Connect: Tharstern integration
• Moving products as efficiently as possible through Infigo: passing orders through their MIS system and out into production is key
• Utilising an abundance of features: making the most of the features and benefits included with using the Infigo platform
• ‘Just hit print’: ensuring that when a customer ‘hits print’ on an Infigo storefront, the following process is fully automated from start-to-finish

How do we get orders into production faster?

Marc said on the process: “When a customer visits one of our storefronts, places an order for say.. 30 signs to style one of their stores, and just hit print.


I will have already set up all of the product restrictions and everything else that could possibly fill out a ticket, that order then goes through Infigo, through the Connect: Tharstern API, and down through to our wide-format team, so that the files are ready to go in less than 5 minutes. All we’re really doing is printing tickets. That’s it.


“So we’ve reached massive efficiency right? And that is the look we like here at Talient – the less touches, the more money. Our goal is to see how quickly can we get these orders through our shop without any human touches.”


Through our dedicated Connect: Tharstern integration, print facility’s such at Talient Action Group, can automate even the most complex job. The integration between Infigo’s software and Tharstern’s MIS automates functions such as product mapping, job specification and submission, estimating, reporting, imposition, stock management, billing and shipping into a streamlined workflow.


So, because you can significantly reduce manual touch points across the production workflow, the process will not only create a smooth customer experience, but helps users save time and significantly reduce costs.

Plans to improve workflow efficiency in the future

Marc says he is always looking for ways to improve his production workflow. He said: “This is why I love the Infigo Academy so much, It’s like my shopping centre – I can see what new features are coming, or are already available, for example, the Chameleon integration, which is really exciting for us.


Infigo’s Chameleon integration allows users to change the look and feel of their storefronts based on which user is signed in, what pages they are on, the URL they are using, and more, providing a far superior checkout experience from start-to-finish.


Marc hoped the feature could allow their customers to experience a differently branded storefront dependant on their department upon logging in, to help them feel more “at home”.

A message to potential Infigo users

When asked what Marc would say to a potential user, 'on the fence' about web-to-print, or considering investing in the Infigo platform, he said: "Make sure you know your integrations. What is your MIS System? What is your print management system? What is your output system? and so on. Because all of these things need to connect with each other, and be efficient. I can honestly say that I have not had any workflow or system running as cleanly as I do now with Infigo"

"In order to make money in the print business today, you need to have efficiency - because manual human touches will rob your profits. "

Marc Forest, Digital Services Manager - Talient Action Group
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