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Pop on the kettle, Infigo’s coming to town

Are you in the process of navigating through the task of investing in a new web-to-print platform, or perhaps replacing an existing solution that is no longer fit for purpose?

With Infigo, users can create 100% customised e-commerce storefronts in minutes, even if you have no web design experience. Slash operational costs and supercharge sales with our simple-to-use, yet highly sophisticated web-to-print software.

There are hundreds and thousands of reasons to choose Infigo. So wherever you are in the country, one of our dedicated experts will hit the road and visit your HQ, for an in-person opportunity to discuss all things web-to-print, during a tailored demonstration of the Infigo solution, including a free print workflow audit on your factory floor.

Face-to-face site visit, wherever you are

In short, you can’t beat a real-life, face-to-face experience. This is something that we’ve become acutely aware of at Infigo over the last couple of years.


So we’re doing things old school. We’ve stocked up on doughnuts, biscuits and other essential office treats and we’re heading for your print shop.


Because we want to go back to basics – regardless of whether you are in the UK, the US or anywhere in between.


Like many other businesses, we seized the benefits of video conferencing during lockdown – particularly the ability to screenshare and guide customers through the benefits of the Infigo platform.


Through video demos we can show potential customers how easy it is to set up a beautifully designed website with great user experience (UX) and integrate it with other systems, so you can take orders any time of day or night.


However, while we can ask a multitude of questions about your print business, your workflow and your future plans for new products and revenue streams, we’ve realised that the most valuable conversations occur when we’re with you on the shop floor.


So complete the form and let’s get some time booked in!

Immersing ourselves in your business

If you were having trouble with your car, you wouldn’t expect the mechanic to try and sell you a new battery, without them actually taking a look under the hood, would you?


Paul Bromley, Head of Global Sales for Infigo, said: “While we are obviously a technology company and constantly push the boundaries of what can be achieved with automated, integrated workflows, ultimately, our success and growth are down to the human aspect of the company.


“Our foundations are built on humans coming together and sharing ideas – whether that’s among the Infigo staff, our partners, customers or others in the print industry.


“We find that when we meet face-to-face, can see the layout of the factory floor, and the different workflows that’s when we can see the huge difference the Infigo platform can make to a print business.


“After all, when we’re fully immersed in the business and speak to those who are involved in print production day in and day out, we can see exactly how we can streamline the process and automate touchpoints.”


Uncover the true value of your workflow


Paul said that when he’s face to face with a customer, and is able to see a workflow in action it can often reveal opportunities or potential snags that wouldn’t become apparent until much too late.


Paul said: “This consultative, holistic approach enables us to see exactly what foundations the print business already has in place.


“We can carry out an audit and see whether it is just the Infigo platform they need or whether there are other cogs that need to be added to the machine before they can really get the benefit of the Infigo platform.


“So get in touch now, and we’ll arrange an in-depth site visit so we can really get to know you and your business and how we can help you truly reap the benefits of web-to-print.


“All we need to know is what topping you prefer on your doughnut; after all, there are hundreds and thousands of reasons why a meticulous audit of your workflow could bring you sweet success.”


To book in your free site audit and consultation, complete the form above and one of our web-to-print experts will be in touch. 

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