Blog: Infigo smashes Ukraine fundraising and fitness target

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We smashed our £2500 target after completing a group fitness challenge to raise funds for Ukraine.

The challenge, devised by Infigo Technical Operations Director, Alex Bowell, initially set the target of completing 2500 km (the distance from London to Kiev) by cycling, swimming, running or walking. However, after quickly achieving that goal halfway through, Alex raised the bar to complete the return journey.

In total the Infigo team covered 5011km over four weeks. But it was a close call, with 500km ticked off in the last three days of the challenge.

Alex said: “With a total of 24 colleagues across the business taking part in the challenge, it was a great team effort. We got off to a roaring start but, as with any challenge, it wasn’t all plain sailing. Covid meant some members had to take rest more than they would have liked.”

While everyone was able to contribute kilometres in their own way, the more seasoned cyclists banked most of the miles. Top of the leader board was Duncan Rouart, Infigo Design and Support Analyst, who churned out an astounding 1002km over the course of the challenge, despite a week off with a bout of Covid.

Duncan Rouart
Design and Support Analyst, Duncan Rouart, churned out an astounding 1002km during the challenge alone

He said: “While I cycle regularly, my weekly average has been a lot higher to help with the group target. I tried to vary the routes as much as possible, so my rides didn’t get too repetitive.”

According to Duncan, the final day of the challenge was the toughest. “I wasn’t sure if we were going to reach the 5000km mark, so I decided to cycle back from a family lunch, adding an additional 65km to the 120km I’d already done that day.

“Unfortunately, it rained heavily, I got two punctures and had to be collected at the roadside by my wife at 9pm. But it was worth it”, he said.

With this sort of commitment, Alex said the group challenge demonstrated why Infigo is such a special company to be part of.

“It was an unbelievable performance from the team. It makes me very proud to be part of the Infigo family. This challenge shows that in times of adversity or when we really need to produce, we come together to stand up and be counted.

“We know how fortunate we are to have the freedom to go out and have a cycle or a stroll whenever we want. Sadly, those in the Ukraine don’t have that luxury. They are being forced to flee their homes and everything they hold dear amid heavy bombardment and gunfire.

“So, while we have embraced this challenge, we’ve never lost sight of the fact that it’s all about raising funds for this humanitarian crisis”, he said.

While the challenge has finished there is still time to donate funds for those affected by the war in Ukraine. So please give generously through Infigo’s JustGiving page.


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