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With more than a 100 years of printing experience behind them Arnold, based in Cincinnati, Ohio in the USA, has consistently been at the forefront of printing innovation. Founded by Earl Arnold Sr in 1910, the company is now run by his grandsons Earl “Duff” Arnold III and Tim Arnold.

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The problem

As early adopters of digital print technology, Arnold was quick to embrace the power of web-to-print. However, they found that the platform soon became outdated and didn’t offer the flexibility and integrations they required. On top of this, they often found it a struggle to get technical support when required. Tim Arnold says: “When we worked with our previous provider and we experienced a technical issue, their customer service wasn’t very good. They were hard to get hold of, hard to get answers from, which isn’t great when you’re relying on them.”

“Constantly pushing the envelope”

As well as the flexibility of the platform, which enables users to quickly create dazzling storefronts, Tim says that he is reassured by the constant innovation, which means that Infigo’s platform is driving the latest developments in web-to-print.


“One of the things I like about you guys [Infigo] is that you are constantly pushing the boundaries, doing updates, coming out with new things that the software can do. Your customer service is above anybody else that I know is out there”, he says. In his own words, we are “always on top of things.”

Automation through integration

Since switching to Infigo, Arnold has integrated the platform with a number of other systems, which means a large number of jobs can be automated from start to finish. This has not only helped Arnold massively improve efficiency but also reduce overheads. Tim says: “Previously the salesperson might get the order, who will then give it to the CSR (customer service rep). Then the CSR has a question, so they have to come back and ask the salesperson. Then it goes back to the prepress supervisor. The supervisor then gives it to one of the trade press operators and it comes back out and has to be checked. Then it goes back to the pre-press operator, who then gives it to the pressman. We've wiped all that out and automated the process with integration.”

"“It's very flexible. The flexibility of using the software to build the templates, with dynamic properties - our customers are really responding well to that. More importantly than that, I believe is the customer service and attention that we get from Infigo – which we haven’t had from other providers.”"

Tim Arnold, Managing Director - Arnold
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