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CERM Paris user event shows automation is the hot new fashion in printing

It’s not just the movers and shakers of the fashion world that have been heading to Paris this February.

Just days before the iconic Parish Fashion Week, Infigo was strutting its stuff down the technological catwalk, at our partner CERM’s user event in the French capital.

This was a very proud moment for Infigo, seeing as it was at this same event a year ago, that Douglas Gibson, CEO of Infigo, and Alex Bowell, our Chief Technological Officer, were invited to pitch and get feedback from CERM’s users on a new web-to-print labels solution.

And 12 months of collaboration and development later, we were able to show off the finished product, that those very same CERM users had helped create.

Discussing Infigo’s return to the invite-only event, Alex said: “Douglas Gibson and I had the pleasure of attending CERM’s European Customer Event in Paris last week.

“It was a great event that, as always, was well organised and well attended.

“A year on from when we pitched the concept, we were able to stand in front of the attendees this year and demonstrate our commercially available and finished (Phase 1) labels solution.”

Powerful e-commerce and personalisation tools, combined with the best in workflow management

The integration combines Infigo’s e-commerce and personalisation prowess with CERM’s estimating, workflow and job management expertise to provide a complete package for label converters.

The solution enables converters to spin-up a branded Infigo storefront, quickly and easily, using drag and drop CMS tools and without any previous design experience required.

They can then easily offer their customers with templated designs or file-upload products, where the customer is presented with live, real-time, and most importantly, accurate costs of the jobs they have ordered – bringing their estimates and products hidden in the depths of CERM, to the finger-tips of the customer.

Artwork files are even pre-flighted when uploaded, so the user is alerted to any potential issues, also in real-time, before committing to the job.

And because of the e-commerce capabilities, you can take payment for the order upfront before it is confirmed.

Infigo then hands over the data to CERM so that all estimates, products and jobs flow seamlessly into one centralised place.

Simplified ordering through previous estimates and orders

Repeat customers will be able to see all estimates that were previously created against their account, whether they originated in Infigo or not, as well as historical orders.

This means customers can place new orders easily and re-order with confidence.

Douglas said: “I’ve been asked why would we join forces with yet another MIS system? In the labels space where these converters are finding new markets and new opportunities there’s a desire from them to take the business in a slightly different format.

“Whereas before they were maybe taking in an order for a $100,000, which is a long run, printed over many weeks, their market has changed – especially since Covid. Now the demand is for orders of $1,000, $10,000 worth of value. So, they need to be managed differently in terms of how the orders are consumed in the business.

“CERM’s technology has always been great for managing those orders once they’re in the business, but we wanted to support CERM by giving them more options. We’re talking about new customers who want to turn up, place an order for $1000, book that into the system, get that fulfilled, and then walk away.

“So I think the change in the marketplace with the volumes and the digitisation of that volume is definitely driving this partnership in a much stronger way.”

A growing partnership

Our second appearance at CERM’s European user event is the latest joint demonstration between the two providers. The event follows our successful collaboration at the Packaging Innovations tradeshow, NEC Birmingham, on February 21-22.

Alex said these events always provided valuable insight and feedback to enhance future developments.

He said: “It’s always a great opportunity at these events to meet experts in that field and get invaluable feedback that will help improve our product in the future, and I’m always blown away by the willingness of everyone to collaborate and share in what they are doing to help others.”

Thanks for having us, CERM!

Connect: CERM - The world's first end-to-end labels solution

The Infigo Connect: CERM integration brings together Infigo’s e-commerce and personalisation prowess with CERM’s estimating, workflow and job management expertise to provide a complete package for label converters.


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