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Did you know that 73% of B2B buyers today are millennials?


Millennials seek the following attributes most when price is taken out of the equation: ease of doing business (35%), willingness to work collaboratively (33%), and industry and marketplace experience (31%). This explains why B2B e-commerce sales are surging, making the digital transformation via online storefronts an important investment for business growth and customer satisfaction.


How do you get started in connecting buyers to their label and packaging journey?


Join us for a demo to understand:

What a web-to-print solution provides the current buyer

What a web-to-print solution does for your organization

How to get started and move ahead of the competition

Case study: Cober Solutions

Cober increased revenue by 20% acquiring several new web-to-print brands


Cober Solutions has provided web-to-print for more than 15 years in various iterations, working with several different partners. The company wanted a single platform that was intuitive, forward looking, and could integrate with other systems.



Cober required a highly responsive web-to-print system, one that could support highly complex variable data composition and automation. Flexibility and functionality were top-of-mind, along with tools and personalization for each of their customers.



Research led Cober to Infigo, as well as an integration with their MIS, Tharsten, and internal workflow automation, payment, and shipping systems. Erwin Driever, VP of Technology at Cober said, “The ability to provide end to end manufacturing and shipping, with as few touches as possible, provides benefits such as faster response, quicker turn around times, efficient manufacturing, and timely shipping.”


Infigo’s partnership with Significans Automation sets printers up for web-to-print success

Based in Canada, Significans Automation has built an enviable reputation for helping printers develop innovative custom workflows, as well as optimizing communication and project management, by tying together existing software and recommending additional best-in-class platforms.


By identifying processes that can be streamlined and automated, and providing the programming expertise to achieve this, Significans Automation has helped printers scale their business with a fully connected web-to-print solution.


With both Significans and Infigo’s proven track record in helping print companies reduce aspects of the workflow from hours to minutes, if not seconds, clients can expect to significantly improve the profitability of each print run.


Antonia Fagan, Partnership Growth Manager with Infigo said, “Industry 4.0 has created the need and focus on automation and interconnectivity. Helping printers significantly increase their ability to take and process orders, with minimal touchpoints is the goal for both organizations.”

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