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Did you know that 73% of B2B buyers today are millennials?


Millennials seek the following attributes most when price is taken out of the equation: ease of doing business (35%), willingness to work collaboratively (33%), and industry and marketplace experience (31%). This explains why B2B e-commerce sales are surging, making the digital transformation via online storefronts an important investment for business growth and customer satisfaction.


How do you get started in connecting buyers to their label and packaging journey?


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The Packaging Lab disrupts the customized packaging industry with web-to-pack

The Packaging Lab’s core mission is to provide custom flexible packaging solutions with a turnaround in as little as 24 hours, the fastest in the U.S. Utilizing the Infigo Core web-to-pack platform, integrated with HP PrintOS Site Flow, they bring a new and fresh perspective on how to supply the growing demand for small quantities of personalized and professionally printed packaging.


With no human intervention, orders are transferred to Site Flow via the PrintOS open API, dramatically reducing the number of costly touch points and operational costs, and in return, improving cash flow.


“We allow customers to design and order custom packaging entirely through an e-commerce platform. We can fulfill hundreds, if not thousands of online orders per day with minimal staff and overhead,” said Dan Nible, CEO of The Packaging Lab.

Baker Labels successfully implements web-to-print storefront

Baker Labels approached us to implement an online store for their brand, Sportstiks, to help reduce unnecessary emails and phone calls with the sales team and enable the firm to increase efficiency and lower production costs, resulting in greater savings for the end customer.


The UK-based printer, which employs 100 staff and offers labels, flexible packaging and athlete ID said that after assessing a number of web-to-print providers, it was Infigo that offered the functionality and flexibility they were looking for. The ability to share data between Infigo’s platform and Baker Label’s other systems massively reduced human involvement on simple jobs and was a major selling point.


Baker Labels plans to expand their web-to-print offerings into their Materials, BakPac, and Labels divisions. Jamie Doogan, Baker Labels Commercial Manager, said, “At Bakers we foresee that web-to-print capabilities are going to be a requirement for successful and continual growth. Our partnership with Infigo is a big step for us down that road.”

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