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Simpson Group has been providing award winning point of sale print for the biggest names in retail for almost 50 years. Since its inception in 1972 the company has constantly invested in innovative technology, to provide cutting edge services for its clients.

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The problem

As early adopters of web-to-print technology, Simpson Group found that they had exceeded the capabilities of their current platform, which didn’t offer the flexibility their clients demanded.

Andy Cook, WTP Artwork & Design at Simpson Group, said: “We were left in the lurch really, because we had outgrown our former vendor’s offer. We found that a lot of our customers were wanting more than the platform could provide.

“We had to move our products to Infigo within a month, so we were really under pressure.”

Simpson Group case study

Customers “wanted something different”

Andy says that the flexibility of Infigo’s software was a major selling point. Once they were up and running Simpson’s could offer unique designs as well as a scalable platform.


“Our customers wanted something different, and they wanted something they could expand on. Infigo’s product development was far superior to other providers.”


With a background in design, Andy says that even with limited web-development knowledge, he is able to meet client’s demand for unique storefronts. “I’m not from a CSS/HTML background but I find building sites, using Infigo, quite easy.”

Outstanding support

Andy says that the technical support and training provided by Infigo helped Simpson’s hit the ground running – particularly as they working to a very tight deadline. “Personally, for me, Infigo is a lot easier to use than other vendors and the support was a lot better when we started out. With the training provided we were able to get the site up within a month”, he explains. When assessing other web-to-print providers Andy believes Infigo’s platform is more advanced in ease of use, flexibility and support. “Infigo just blasted them out of the water with what we could do and what we could give our customers”, he says.

"I’m not from a CSS/HTML background but I find building sites, using Infigo, quite easy."

Andy Cook, WTP Artwork & Design - Simpson Group
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