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Imagine a world where your suitcase was as individual as you are. Not only that, but every other person’s suitcase was individual to them, too. The airport luggage carousels would be a breeze and lost luggage would easily be returnable to the right individual. Well this needn’t be an imagined scenario anymore. Mass customisation is now possible of mass production. You can, with the power of personalisation, print your face, or any other image you can imagine, on your suitcase., powered by our core platform, and our leading editor MegaEdit, can personalise your suitcase, and not just once. The innovative and disruptive marketing philosophy of means that it is possible to replace the personalised element of your suitcase time after time, without having to replace the entire suitcase.

Standardisation and the production line introduced mass consumption to society. Henry Ford famously said, ‘You can have any colour you want, as long as it’s black’. Well that’s ancient history now; today you can have any colour you want; in any shade you want; and with polka dots or stripes or ribbons, or confetti, even camouflage… the possibilities are limitless. Mass customisation unites mass production with 21st Century technology and 21st Century customer expectations. Off the shelf is so last Century.

Time and again Infigo demonstrates the power of personalisation and the infinite disruptive marketing opportunities this presents. Our partnership with highlights the positive advances that we have driven in web-to-print over the past 9 years. No longer is web-to-print a process of applying variable data to mass fields. Web-to-print is truly come of age now. Mass customisation would not be possible without the development and constant improvement of software and technology that we depend on. From our very own core platforms, our leading MegaEdit  software to our partnerships and collaborations with other OEMs, we have striven to advance the ability of W2P to offer modern martech solutions for any business that wishes to engage.

With we establish that web-to-print is applicable across more than the traditional web-to-print arena. A personalised suitcase progresses mass customisation into new territory and provides us all, be it business use or personal use, with the opportunity to stand-out from the crowd, make an impression and forge new paths on old ground.


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Infigo worked closely with Personalised Luggage to ensure that what PL can bring to market is unique and furthers a shift in attitude towards personalisation and web-to-print, and what they can offer. Personalised Luggage makes the full use of our powerful software solution MegaEdit and it’s 3D preview capabilities. It is possible to upload your photos, artwork or text and view your suitcase in all it’s 3D glory from any angle. You can have any colour you want. Literally.