Blog: Uberizing print

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Your customers can track their pizza delivery, but can they track their print job? If the answer is ‘no’ it’s time to uberize your print. Since we launched in 2010, we’ve seen an unprecedented rate of change in demand for our services. The web-to-print market that we originally established ourselves in, has evolved from a mere, […]

Imagine a world where your suitcase was as individual as you are. Not only that, but every other person’s suitcase was individual to them, too. The airport luggage carousels would be a breeze and lost luggage would easily be returnable to the right individual. Well this needn’t be an imagined scenario anymore. Mass customisation is […]

Blog: The age of AI

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Artificial Intelligence is all around us Artificial Intelligence is no longer just theories and speculations, it’s no longer the future – it is happening this very moment, all around us, and in ways that we couldn’t have dreamed of as recently as 5 years ago. Many of us remain unaware of the interactions taking place […]